Sergey Kogogin, Director General of KAMAZ, was awarded «For a special contribution to the fight against coronavirus infection».

The Federation of independent trade unions of Russia noted the work carried out at the auto giant to counter the spread of COVID-19. The FITU award «For a special contribution to the fight against coronavirus infection» was awarded to Director General of KAMAZ Sergey Kogogin, as well as six factory medical workers: Svetlana Pechnikova, Lucia Shaikhutdinova, Albina Andiryakova, Alexandra Golovanova, Natalia Basharova and Olga Zerova. In addition, one of the medical workers – the Head of the health center of the Forging plant Olga Zerova – was awarded a certificate of Honor by the trade Union of automobile and agricultural engineering workers of the Russian Federation.

Special awards of the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia were presented to medical workers of the enterprise by the Chairman of the trade Union Committee of KAMAZ Alexander Vasiliev. He thanked the physicians for their dedication and contribution to the fight against COVID-19 on the auto giant. «You were on the front line during the peak of the disease and every day you are protecting the health of KAMAZ workers. Thank you very much for your work», said Alexander Vasiliev during the awards ceremony.



A batch of road equipment on the KAMAZ-53605 chassis was delivered to the administration of the Amur region.

A total of 17 units of combined road vehicles based on the KAMAZ-53605 chassis were purchased by the Ministry of transport of the Amur region on behalf of the head of the Amur region Vasily Orlov. Cars – «vacuum cleaners» are designed to clean the streets of stones, fallen leaves and other debris. In order not to obstruct traffic, cars will only be used at night.

«The sweeper has a Central brush and is equipped with an additional motor that creates a vacuum. Thanks to this, the garbage is collected, sucked up and subsequently enters a special 7 cubic meter hopper. After that, the car goes to a specialized landfill and unloads it. The equipment is reliable, we give it a guarantee of two years or 100 thousand kilometers of mileage», – commented Vladimir Azarov, a sales specialist at Auto center Samaragd LLC.

The special construction of the car was made by the official partner of KAMAZ – Kurgandormash JSC. The large volume of the bunker makes this model indispensable when cleaning huge territories and areas of airports. The presence of a manual picker in the basic configuration ensures the use of equipment in hard-to-reach places, as well as emptying garbage cans. The machines can be used both in summer and in winter. In summer, the machine is used for cleaning city roads, highways, squares, airports with asphalt and cement-concrete surfaces, as well as cleaning tray areas from dust, sand, rubble, leaves and debris. In winter, it is used for plow – brush cleaning of roads from snow masses, ice and sludge using a front blade and a rear brush.

«As the equipment, including attachments, is a Russian assembly, the vehicles are quite easy to operate. Plus, of course, this is the availability of service and spare parts», – said Kristina Papirnaya, commercial Director of Auto Center Samaragd LLC.

The equipment includes a waste bin, a system for sucking and feeding estimates to the hopper, an autonomous motor for driving all working bodies, a water tank, a humidification system, a central brush, a suction unit in the side overhangs of the machine, a hydro – and pneumatic system.

Supplier of equipment became the official dealer of KAMAZ PTC –Auto centre Smaragd LLC. Cars will start working in the municipalities of the Amur region after registration.



KAMAZ sent to Ghana a batch of KAMAZ-53228 on-board vehicles adapted to local operating conditions.

Seven KAMAZ-53228 (6×6) all-wheel drive trucks were shipped to the port of St. Petersburg for further delivery by sea to Ghana. It is planned that the trucks will arrive at their destination according to the schedule and will be unloaded at the terminal in the second half of September. The vehicle was supplied by Foreign Trade Company KAMAZ. The delivered trucks are specially designed for operation in tropical conditions and will be used by the customer to transport the “gold” of Ghana – shea nuts, which are widely used both in cosmetology and in the food industry.

 The first KAMAZ vehicles were delivered to Ghana back in the 90s of the last century. Then, with the assistance of the Russian government, as part of the implementation of the first and second stages of the re-equipment of the global fleet of vehicles of the UN World Food Program, the country received several more consignments of KAMAZ trucks. So, in 2014 and 2019. The UN mission in Ghana received 54 all-wheel drive KAMAZ vehicles and 5 NEFAZ trailers.