At the KAZAN DIGITAL WEEK-2023 International Forum, the “Chelnok” dynamic routing service was presented at the KAMAZ Digital Platform stand.

The KAZAN DIGITAL WEEK International Forum dedicated to digital technologies was held in the capital of Tatarstan with the support of the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan. More than 20 thousand participants and speakers from 31 countries of the world got acquainted with current digitalization practices and talked about their achievements in the field of technology.

The Chelnok was demonstrated at the stand of the KAMAZ Digital Platform as part of KAMAZ DIGITAL products. The delegates were presented with an innovative way to solve the dynamic routing of passengers and combined cargo within a city or region. The service aroused great interest from representatives of various companies. In particular, potential clients were interested in the possibility of integrating the Chelnok into their projects. According to the developers, this opens up prospects for future cooperation and digital transformation in the field of transport solutions.

The forum also presented a report to the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and the Minister of Digital Development of the Russian Federation Maksut Shadaev, which outlined the key aspects of the development of the solution and its impact on the future of dynamic routing.



KAMAZ participates in the “ElectroTrans-2023” international exhibition, which opened today, September 27, as part of the Public Transport Week in Moscow.

At its stand, the company presents the KAMAZ-62825 trolleybus. The novelty is distinguished by modern design, environmental friendliness, comfort and safety. The robust steel body frame with composite side panels guarantees a high operational life and a level of passive safety. The advantage of the KAMAZ-62825 trolleybus is also energy storage, which allows you to independently cover a distance of up to 30 km, for example, to serve new urban areas in which there is no contact network. The ability to move autonomously will allow you to expand and flexibly change the route network, reduce infrastructure costs. The battery is charged from the contact network while driving. The range of options provides for the variability of the layout of battery modules with a power reserve of up to 30 km in the maximum configuration.

The KAMAZ-62825 trolleybus has a fully low-floor, three-door body, 34 seats and 3 folding chairs are provided, the overall length is 12.4 m, the total passenger capacity is 85 people. Compliance with the requirements of an accessible environment and passenger comfort are achieved thanks to a well-designed interior layout: a low floor level, an enlarged opening of the middle door, a spacious storage area with soft stops for standing passengers, a comfortable air suspension, a knilling system.

The power plant is equipped with an asynchronous motor with a capacity from 150 to 180 kW, depending on the configuration. Electric motors of domestic design with high efficiency are used, which allows moving dynamically and smoothly in urban traffic. If we talk about the key components and aggregates of the KAMAZ trolleybus, we can note a significant proportion of components of domestic production. These include energy storage devices, a set of traction equipment, front independent suspension, etc.

KAMAZ-62825 is equipped with an energy recovery system during braking, which will have a positive impact on operating costs. An equally important element is the pneumatic rod-catching system, which makes it easier to lift and fold current collectors in operation.

The KAMAZ-62825 trolleybus is distinguished by a wide range of basic equipment functionality. Already in the starting configuration, the truck is equipped with doors with the function of address opening on request, an electronic passenger information system, a light and rain sensor, a tire pressure monitoring system. The driver is provided with an air suspension seat, an adjustable tilt and departure steering column, multi-steering wheel. The instrument panel is equipped with an LCD monitor, which displays all the main parameters of the trolleybus. Taking into account the competitive advantages of the KAMAZ trolleybus, the company expects that the novelty will take its rightful place in the electric transport market in the regions.

The exhibition “ElectroTrans” has been held since 2009 with the assistance of industry associations, trade unions, federal and municipal authorities. The exposition and business program are relevant for representatives of urban public transport enterprises, municipalities, federal executive and legislative authorities, as well as experts from design organizations, suppliers of rolling stock, products and services.



At the Comtrans international Commercial Vehicle Exhibition, which was held at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow, the Shuttle service was presented as part of the products of the KAMAZ Digital Platform LLC.

Chelnok Cargo is a management system for intra–city and intercity transportation, thanks to the dynamic routing of combined cargo. The solution is designed to help shippers and consignees reduce logistics costs to the final destination due to optimal cargo placement in the back and dynamic routes according to the last mile model.

The Chelnok Cargo was presented to the attention of the conference participants for the first time and aroused great interest among partners and exhibitors.