The “KAMAZ-master” team is ready to participate in the Dakar-2021 race, which starts in Saudi Arabia on January 3.

This year the KAMAZ-master team put up four KAMAZ-43509 sports trucks for the race. The crews of Andrey Karginov, Anton Shibalov, Airat Mardeev and Dmitry Sotnikov will represent Russia in the cargo classification of the international competition. At the same time, by the decision of the team’s management, the crew of Eduard Nikolaev will not participate in the race. The five-time Dakar winner will have no less important functions: he will be assisting the team leader Vladimir Chagin in solving all organizational and technical problems at the race. For the most part, this functionality was previously the responsibility of Sergei Savostin, who this time will coordinate the actions of his subordinates from the headquarters in Naberezhnye Chelny and at the same time focus on preparing new sports equipment for the next sports season.

Members of the KAMAZ-master team flew from Moscow to Jeddah on December 27. Upon arrival, all participants in the rally-marathon went through a 48-hour quarantine, after which they passed coronavirus tests – athletes are allowed to race only in case of negative results.

A total of 44 crews will compete in the cargo classification at the Dakar-2021. In 12 stages, the racing caravan will cover nearly 7,700 kilometers, and the combat distance will be almost 4,700 kilometers. The 43rd Dakar will start from the Red Sea coast from Jeddah on January 3. The rich variety of landscapes in Saudi Arabia offers an endless variety of track combinations that give the Dakar Rally its own flavor. As in 2020, the 2021 route will be a journey through previously unexplored places. Everything will be completely new, including every single kilometer of special stages. 

On January 9, the racers will rest for one day in Hail, then, after a huge loop through the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, the race caravan will return to the coast of the Red Sea. On January 14, the participants will have to go through the longest special stage in the rally, which will determine the positions for the decisive match among the remaining rivals. The race will finish on January 15 in Jeddah. For the victory, the crews of KAMAZ-master will have to compete with such participants in the cargo classification as IVECO, TATRA, MAZ, PRAGA, RENAULT and MAN.

KAMAZ-master crews participating in the Dakar-2021 race:

№500 Pilot Andrey Karginov – navigator Andrey Mokeev – mechanic Igor Leonov.

№501 Pilot Anton Shibalov – navigator Dmitry Nikitin – mechanic Ivan Tatarinov.

№507 Pilot Dmitry Sotnikov – navigator Ruslan Akhmadeev – mechanic Ilgiz Akhmetzyanov.

№509 Pilot Airat Mardeev – navigator Dmitry Svistunov – mechanic Akhmet Galyautdinov.

30 KAMAZ-5490 NEO trucks for SAMCOM Company


SAMCOM Company has acquired 30 KAMAZ-5490 NEO trucks for cargo transportation in Russia and abroad.

To date, SAMCOM Group has already delivered cargo with a total weight of more than 19 thousand tons with the help of new KAMAZ trucks.

KAMAZ-5490 NEO trucks with economical fuel consumption, optimized axle load distribution, increased fuel capacity and modern design. They are equipped with a Daimler OM457LA (Euro-5) 6-cylinder inline engine with a capacity of 401 hp, a comfortable driver’s seat, a ZF gearbox, cruise control system, tubeless tires and a set of aerodynamic fairings of the cabin and chassis.

Headquarters was organized to promptly solve problems that arise in the assembly and operation of the KAMAZ-54901 truck


KAMAZ is constantly working to improve the quality of K5 generation trucks. In December, a headquarters was organized to promptly solve problems that arise in the assembly and operation of the KAMAZ-54901 truck.

To promptly solve problems that arise in the assembly and operation of the KAMAZ-54901 truck, the Quality Department organized the work of the operational headquarters. At daily meetings, the headquarters considers operational defects, internal defects (arising during the assembly of the truck), defects in electronics and paintwork. The headquarters initiates the development of urgent measures to eliminate the causes of defects, their introduction into production, as well as the organization of service campaigns.