KAMAZ specialists took part in the business program dedicated to «The ASMAP Baltic — 2020 exhibition». At the event held in Kaliningrad, the company presented the KAMAZ-54901 tractor and NEFAZ curtain semi-trailer-93341-0340201-08.

During the business program, a representative of KAMAZ made a presentation «KAMAZ new generation K5 Tractors».

KAMAZ-54901 is a brand new mainline truck with a 4×2 wheel formula, the epitome of reliability, safety and comfort. The car opens a new generation of trucks from the leader of Russian cargo engineering-the K5 generation. The tractor is equipped with a new inline 6-cylinder KAMAZ Euro-5 engine and a 12-speed economical automated ZF transmission. The front and rear brakes are disc brakes. The resource of the car is 1.2 million km of mileage. The fuel reserve has been increased to 1,400 liters. A comfortable cabin with a high roof, a width of 2.5 meters with a flat floor allows you to feel at home on long-distance flights.

The use of advanced technical solutions has reduced fuel consumption by 10% (30 l / 100 km), increased service intervals by 50% (up to 120 thousand km), increased resource by 20% (up to 1.2 million km), which as a result will reduce the total cost of ownership of the car.

Already in the basic configuration, the KAMAZ-54901 mainline tractor is equipped with a modern multimedia system that allows you to use navigation, access the Internet, read vehicle parameters and much more, as well as the factory’s intelligent transport information system – the itis-KAMAZ satellite transport monitoring system. It is able to determine the location of the vehicle, monitor fuel consumption, and the driver’s driving style. Operation control using ITIS will reduce fuel costs and optimize logistics by up to 20% of mileage.

KAMAZ offers not just a car, but a comprehensive business solution that includes a car and a service contract for a period of three years or more. The service contract includes full maintenance and repairs of the car for three years or 540 thousand km, evacuation to the nearest KAMAZ service center, a subscription fee for the ITIS-KAMAZ monitoring system, a guaranteed repurchase at a price of at least 50% of the residual value.



KAMAZ specialists took part in the XVII Interregional specialized exhibition «Construction industry of the North. Energy. Housing and utilities-2020», held on February 26-28 in Yakutsk.

The company’s exposition presented the Ko-505B vacuum machine on the KAMAZ-65115 chassis. The model is an excellent solution for urban management due to the optimal combination of technical characteristics of the chassis and special construction. The equipment is designed for vacuum collection, transportation and discharge of liquid waste that does not contain explosives and combustible substances. The machine performs vacuum cleaning of cesspits and sewer wells, and transports waste to the places where it is disposed of. KO-505B is designed for use on different types of roads, including dirt roads in the field, at ambient temperatures from -20C to +40C.

The special equipment includes a tank, a pump with a vacuum-discharge system, pencil cases for laying hoses, pneumatic and electric systems. The capacity of the tank, which is made of steel 092GS and reinforced with stiffeners, is 12 cubic meters. To extinguish hydraulic shocks, breakwaters are installed inside it. The process of cleaning wells, sedimentation tanks and pits is carried out under the influence of vacuum, emptying – by gravity or air pressure from a vacuum pump. A reliable vacuum pump with a capacity of 360 cubic meters per hour allows filling the tank in ten minutes and provides a depth of up to 4 m.

The machine is equipped with a sound control system for the tank filling level and automatically activates the chassis signal when a certain level is reached. In addition, modern suction hoses with a total length of six meters have a quick-release connection, which greatly facilitates the work of the operator.

The KO-505B vacuum machine on the KAMAZ-65115 chassis presented at the exhibition is one of the most popular and popular machines in the utility segment due to its ease of maintenance, reliability and affordable price.

A new load-lifting system on the аssembly line


A new load-lifting system is being launched on the аssembly line for KAMAZ cabs of the new model range.

Previously, this position was a constant congestion: the cabin was hung on a crane beam, and the assembly was started by six people who attached the necessary parts, often staying in each others’ way. The frame moved to the next position only after 30 minutes.

Technologists decided to embroider the bottleneck: instead of one position, there are three positions with two people on each, and the conveyor now moves faster. The work became easier thanks to the new load-lifting system. Immediately after the logistics team sends the forthcoming cabin to the starting position, it is «inside» a special frame of the lift. While the pickers «form» the exterior of the lower belt, the system reliably holds the load at the desired height.