The flagship of the K5 generation model range, the KAMAZ-54901 prime mover, is being tested in Europe. The truck is being tested by the international transport company Yanstrong with the assistance of ParadAvto LLC, the official dealer of KAMAZ PTC in the Republic of Belarus.

The purpose of the joint project of the Belarusian carrier and the official dealer of KAMAZ PTC is to demonstrate the reliability of the new model line of the leading Russian producer of trucks, to confirm that a truck produced in Russia can feel confident not only on Russian roads, but also in Western Europe, and take its rightful place in the fleets of international carriers.

As part of a test drive with a real cargo carrier, a KAMAZ-54901 truck went with a load from Minsk to Germany. The route will pass through Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. From the city of Passau in the southeast of the country, the truck must pick up components for the conveyor of KAMAZ PTC and deliver it to Naberezhnye Chelny. In total, the truck will have to travel more than 8 thousand kilometers along the roads of the European Union, Belarus and Russia to Naberezhnye Chelny. 

The permissible total weight of the KAMAZ-54901 truck is 19.7 tons. It is equipped with a 12-liter in-line KAMAZ P6 engine with a capacity of 450hp, as well as an automated ZF gearbox. The total volume of fuel tanks is 1400 liters, which is one of the important advantages when transporting goods over long distances.

“We have been cooperating with ParadAuto for many years and have long thought to try a new KAMAZ truck,” said Dmitry Vorontsov, the head of Yanstrong. This is a well-known Russian brand, it has a developed service network in Western Europe. A role was also played by the fact that the KAMAZ-54901 vehicle uses mainly European units, which have been tested for years on imported brands. Our driver said that he enjoys the comfort of this truck. So far there are no complaints about his work either.” Vorontsov also noted that it gives the impression of a self-confident European highway, which has a significant advantage over foreign brands – a lower price.



The production divisions of KAMAZ summed up the results of February 2021 for the production of commercial products: the indicators exceeded last year’s by more than 20 percent.

In 19 working days, 3,606 machine kits were manufactured on the assembly lines of the automobile plant, the company’s finishing enterprise, which is 22.7% more than in the same period last year (as against – 2,939 units). Since the beginning of this year, 5,449 machine kits have been produced (+42% to comparison, thus – 3,838 units).

On the assembly line of the engine plant and at the joint Russian-American enterprise CUMMINS KAMA, which is part of the technological cycle of KAMAZ, 3,895 engines and power units were manufactured and delivered to the automobile plant and other consumers (+20.6% to the same period of the last year, thus – 3,229 units). Since the beginning of the year, 6,121 units have been produced. the main products of these enterprises (+40.8% to comparison, thus – 4,346 units).

The production of spare parts for automotive equipment and their shipment to consumers is gradually increasing. In February, the total volume of their deliveries amounted to 2.31 billion rubles (the same period of the last year – 2.0 billion rubles), in total since the beginning of the year – in the amount of 3.73 billion rubles (thus – 3.16 billion rubles).



Vaccination of employees against coronavirus infection continues at the plants and divisions of KAMAZ PTC.

As of March 1, 649 people have already been vaccinated with the second component of the Sputnik V vaccine. According to the schedule, today another 130 people will be re-vaccinated.

In addition, the medical staff of city clinics continues to accept applications from the company for the first component of the vaccine. Therefore, yesterday, 25 more employees at the engine plant and 23 people from Kama Industrial Park Master JSC (KIP Master), a subsidiary of KAMAZ, completed the first stage of vaccination. In case of receiving applications from other divisions, additional reception of applicants will be organized in the health centers of KAMAZ.

In total, at the beginning of spring, the first component of the vaccine was received by 2212 KAMAZ residents.