Basic Facts

KAMAZ Group of Companies is the largest automobile corporation of Russian Federation. The Head Quarters and the main production facilities are located in Naberezhnye Chelny city, the Republic of Tatarstan (about 1,000 km east from Moscow).

KAMAZ Inc. is among the 15 leading world heavy truck and diesel engines manufacturers.

KAMAZ produced more than 2 million vehicles since the beginning of production.

KAMAZ produced more than 3 million diesel engines since the beginning of production.

KAMAZ Inc. consists of more than 150 organizations spread across Russia, CIS and different parts of the world with about 50,000 employees. KAMAZ inc. is one among the top 10 heavy-duty truck manufacturers of the world.

KAMAZ Inc. holds the eight position among diesel engine manufacturers in the world.

KAMAZ Inc. is one of the largest exporters to Eurasia, Africa and South America and has won “The Best Exporter of the Russian Federation” award, an impressive 14 times between 1999 and 2016.The authorized capital of KAMAZ makes up RUB 35.36 billion. The largest shareholdings belong to the Government and commercial banks, 10% of

Among the shareholders and partners of KAMAZ there is DAIMLER AG (Mercedes).

KAMAZ Group of Companies includes 96 enterprises.

About 59 thousand people work in KAMAZ Inc.


KAMAZ Inc. produces a wide range of trucks, trailers, buses, tractors, engines, power units and different tools.

The group of the technological cycle includes 13 main associated companies. 12 of them are located in Naberezhnye Chelny, the Republic of Tatarstan.

Average annual production of subsidiaries and associated companies:

  • 60 thousand trucks
  • 60 thousand power units
  • 1.5 thousand buses


The product quality system of KAMAZ Inc. corresponds to the requirements of ISO 9001—2000 International Standard and is approved by the control system certification agency – Russian Register.


About 20% of KAMAZ trucks are being exported to more than 20 different countries in the world, including Latin America, East Europe, CIS countries, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Since December 2002 KAMAZ Inc. is an official supplier of the UN (reg. № 20081).

Advantages of KAMAZ Production:

• Easy in maintenance and reliable trucks of high quality with low operation costs and at most competitive prices;
• Meets all customers’ needs;

Wide marketing geography – KAMAZ vehicles operate under any road and climatic conditions: in the Northern Pole and in tropics, in deserts and high mountains.