In order to enable us to process your inquire in a shortest time, please send us:

a required part correct catalogue number +
part description +
automobile type +
VIN and manufacturing year

– If catalogue number is unavailable, please send us part description + automobile type and VIN

Our mission is to create the effective sales and distribution network of the genuine spare parts in the regions, to minimize the deficit of KAMAZ parts and provide the fastest delivery to the clients.

One can buy the original KAMAZ spare parts in Middle East and Africa only from our authorized dealers and outlets.
We keep in stock a wide range of genuine KAMAZ spare parts for our customers.

The spare parts for the customers outside of UAE, anywhere in the world, we ship directly from KAMAZ plant stocks, in any quantities and any transportation means: air delivery, sea containers, road transportation.


Besides the spare parts for KAMAZ trucks, we supply:

  • the genuine and certified spare parts for any vehicles of Russian origin, including: MAZ, URAL, KRAZ, ZIL, GAZ, VAZ (Lada), and UAZ
  • automobile tyres.


The team of our specialists can dedicate the needs of our corporate clients for their automobile fleet and we provide the recommended parts.
Between our corporate clients are the number of Governmental organizations and NOG in the Middle East and Africa, as well as the different missions and contractors of the UN.


Providing of the proper after-sale service is one of the main KAMAZ priorities.

We provide the technical service for our UAE customers in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi service centers.
As well, our specialists are well trained to provide the technical assistance and service in client’s own facilities and even in the field conditions.

As a strategic, we train the staff of our dealers and agents abroad and we have well-trained specialists teams in a number of countries in the region.

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction we offer a wide range of training programs and familiarization courses. We arrange the training directly in the client’s country or provide an advanced training in KAMAZ special institutes in Russia, close to the manufacturing plant.

The training programs are aimed for both technicians and operators, tailored to meet you specific requirements.