Buy KAMAZ busses and cranes

A wide range of different superstructure and equipment can be installed on KAMAZ chassis. KAMAZ Specialized Vehicles are very popular for better price, high durability and are being used in the all main sectors of business and governmental services.

KAMAZ municipality vehicles

KAMAZ municipality vehicles, such as garbage collectors, vacuum trucks, jet trucks, road sweeping vehicles, road-washing trucks, skip loaders, evacuators, recovery trucks, electricity trucks and man-lifts are used both in the big capitals and villages in more than 30 countries worldwide.

KAMAZ construction vehicles such as concrete mixers and pumps, truck excavators and a wide range of mobile cranes are famous for their cost effectiveness and workability. Wide range of tanks and reservoirs on KAMAZ chassis are serving for delivery of different liquid and dry products, such as potable water, milk, fuels, crude oil, cement and flour. KAMAZ refrigerator trucks and insolated containers deliver food and fresh vegetables through thousands of kilometres. Steam trucks, cementing trucks, mobile rigs, mobile workshops and laboratories serve in oil&gas industry.

KAMAZ fire-fighting vehicles, recoveries, anti-riot vehicles, police vehicles, explosives and hazard material transit vehicles are performing well in the Ministries of Interior of different countries. The banks and security companies use KAMAZ armored cash transit vehicles, armored trucks for gold and valuables transit. Mobile hospitals, mobile kitchens, mobile laundries, mobile power generators, specially equipped hunter trucks and luxury caravans for desert trips (loved by shaikhs) are in all available KAMAZ models range.