KAMAZ is taking part in the exhibition “Russian Forest 2023”


KAMAZ is taking part in the exhibition “Russian Forest 2023,” which takes place on December 6–8 in Vologda.

The leader of the Russian freight engineering industry has been a participant in this exhibition for more than 15 years. This time, a log truck on the KAMAZ-43118 chassis is presented at the KAMAZ stand.

The truck with a 6×6 wheel formula is equipped with a KAMAZ Euro-5 environmental standard engine with a capacity of 300hp. There is an exhaust gas neutralization system (AdBlue). The capacity of the fuel tank is 210+350 liters. The cabin of the truck is restyled, without a sleeping place.

The maximum reach of the VM-10L74 hydraulic manipulator is 7.4 m, the payload is 3100 kg at the minimum boom reach and 1350 kg at the maximum reach.



Three new gas-engine vehicles are presented by KAMAZ at the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum 2023, which has opened today in the Northern Capital of Russia.

In particular, the company has for the first time presented to the general public the mobile instrumentation workshop 62501 based on the KAMAZ-6250 gas-powered crew-change bus. The vehicle was developed specifically for the oil and gas industry. The new model is designed mainly for maintenance and repair of instrumentation at facilities remote from stationary repair shops. Passenger capacity is three passengers plus a driver.

The mobile instrumentation workshop 62501 has three zones. The driver’s zone is equipped with a driver’s workplace, a berth and a refrigerator. The living zone features three additional berths one of which transforms into three seats with seat belts. There are also 220V sockets, a folding table, an upper drawer for luggage, and a pull-out locker under the seats. The work zone is equipped with all tools necessary for efficient work of the staff: cabinets for tools (fitter’s tools, I&C), equipment (I&C), entrenching tools (crowbar, shovel, axe, sledgehammer), as well as separate cabinets for clean and dirty clothes. There are also laptops, an electrical panel, and a compartment for a portable gasoline generator. There is also a kitchen area with a two-burner stove, a sink, water tanks and a kitchen cabinet.

The vehicle is equipped with a gas inline six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 279 horsepower (Euro 5), a six-speed automatic transmission. Smooth ride is ensured by a front suspension with long leaf springs, hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers and a stabilizer bar. The rear suspension is pneumatic, with four pneumatic elements. The body has a load-bearing frame (welded from steel pipes) and an external decoration made of composites. The total weight of the vehicle is 16 tonnes, the length is 9,660 mm, the height is 3,780 mm, the width is 2,550 mm.

The second exhibit of KAMAZ is a low-floor gas-engine commuter bus NEFAZ-5222. This is an effective solution for transportation of personnel. The new product has an original individual exterior design. Thus, the outer body skin is made using new technology, from composite materials, which provides corrosion protection and maintainability. The roof is made of a sandwich panel, which increases the heat and noise insulation characteristics. To quickly pick up and drop off passengers, the bus features a doorway increased to 900 mm (against standard 650 mm) and no steps at the entrance.

The KAMAZ engineers tried to make the bus interior as comfortable for passengers as possible. There are 41 seats. The luggage compartment of the NEFAZ-5222 commuter bus is in the passenger compartment. Bulky baggage can be placed on the storage stand and wheel arches (total volume up to 1.5 m3). Hand luggage can also be placed on the shelves above the seats, so passengers have constant access to their personal belongings. There is climate control to maintain the overall temperature inside, as well as air curtains that provide a microclimate.

The driver’s workplace is separated from the passenger compartment by a rigid ceiling-high cross-wall, and, to improve comfort and increase transportation safety, the space for the driver was increased. The driver’s seat has a three-point seat belt, an adjustable headrest and backrest tilt. The bus is equipped with a 1-level ADAS driver assistance system (“Braking”), which increases safety and reduces the level of accidents.

The NEFAZ-5222 is equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission with a built-in retarder which reduces brake lining wear. The energy-efficient, powerful enough gas engine (290 hp) complies with the Euro 5 environmental standard and runs on methane gas fuel. Fuel is stored in gas cylinders under a pressure of 200 atm (CNG). It is worth noting that for safety reasons, gas cylinders are installed on the roof of the bus. Gas filling is possible from both sides. Gas leakage control is ensured. Gas volume is 984 l (8×123). With 10 gas cylinders installed optionally, the gas volume will be 1,230 l. Smooth ride and comfort for passengers are achieved through the use of independent front suspension.

The optimal curb weight of the bus allows for lower fuel consumption with an engine power of 290 hp, and also a greater range with a comparable amount of fuel.

In addition, the bus is equipped with EBS, ASR, GPS/GLONASS navigation systems, and video surveillance. A tachograph, USB sockets, a kitchen unit and other useful options are also there.

At its stand, KAMAZ PTC is demonstrating a new in-line six-cylinder engine with forced ignition, running on natural gas. The engine with a power of 460 horsepower and a torque of 2000 Nm complies with the Euro 5 environmental class, and is also unified in all main components and assemblies with the KAMAZ R6 910 diesel engine, which has already proven itself in operation. These gas engines will be installed on long-haul tractors of the KAMAZ K5 generation. The engine has high consumer properties. By the way, the service life of the R6 gas engine is 1,000,000 km, and in terms of fuel efficiency and service intervals, it is not inferior to the best world analogues.



Based on the results of three quarters of this year, KAMAZ produced more than 3 thousand fifth-generation trucks – KAMAZ-54901 tractors, which is 2.5 times higher than the volume of their production for the same period last year.

The company’s report for 9 months noted that in January-September 2022, 1.15 thousand K5 trucks were produced. According to production statistics, the production of the flagship KAMAZ-54901 tractors continues to gather pace. If we compare the results only for September month-over-month, the production of new vehicles has increased fourfold – from 150 to 600 units.

In the last month before the introduction of Western economic sanctions against Russia – that is, in February last year – the company launched 407 KAMAZ-54901 trucks onto the market.