The four-axle AWD dump truck of the latest K5 generation was presented at the 26th International specialized exhibition of equipment and technologies for the oil and gas industry “Surgut. Oil and Gas-2021″, which took place in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra.

The “Surgut. Oil and Gas” exhibition is a platform where the latest developments of Russian and foreign companies in oil and gas production, transportation and processing are demonstrated. More than 120 companies representing 50 regions of Russia and foreign countries take part in the exhibition every year. This year, in three days, more than seven thousand guests and participants visited the site.

In addition to the business part of the program, where experts and participants discussed the most pressing issues of the industry, the presented samples of machinery and equipment for the oil and gas industry aroused particular interest. In its exposition, R&D Center Evrika Trade, the official dealer of KAMAZ in Tyumen Oblast, presented an all-wheel drive four-axle dump truck of the latest generation K5 – the KAMAZ-65953 designed for off-road operation and ideal for use in oil and gas production.

KAMAZ was the first to use automated transmissions on such dump trucks. Now, the driver controls the heavy vehicle more easily. The more spacious K5 cab reduces the driver’s fatigue noticeably. So, labor productivity should increase.

The 20-cbm body of the dump truck is made of wear-resistant steel. It can withstand abrasives for a long time. The heating resists soil adhesion.

The truck features a reinforced frame and drive axles with a carrying capacity of up to 32 tonnes, a metal bumper for protection, as well as a metal mesh on the headlights and radiator. The cab of the vehicle is 2,300 mm wide, without a berth, which is, though, optional.



On Wednesday, September 29, KAMAZ welcomed a delegation from KUKA, the company’s partner in industrial robots. During the visit, the parties discussed current projects and further strategic cooperation in production robotization.

The delegation included KUKA Systems CEO Gerald Mies, Head of Comprehensive Solution Projects at KUKA Robotics Russia Günter Zott, KUKA Robotics Russia CEO Dmitry Kapishnikov, Automotive Industry Manager at KUKA Robotics Russia Ivan Frolov. The partners visited the cab frame plant and the press and stamping plant with its cab welding production and chassis assembly shop. Sergey Kogogin, General Director of KAMAZ, took part in negotiations on strategic cooperation between companies in production robotization at the end of the business program.

In 1986, KAMAZ PTC began cooperating with KUKA. Today the company’s production sites use 155 KUKA robots. There are 117 robots (the largest part) at the cab frame plant, 11 robots at the press and stamping plant, 10 robots at the automobile plant, 8 robots at the engine plant, 2 robots at the forge plant, 7 robots at the Technical College named after V. D. Potashov. At the same time, the total investment volume amounted to 4.65 billion rubles, with the average cost of one robot being 30 million rubles.

The KAMAZ production will step by step move from point robotization to the use of robots in all processes. The company will have employed about 360 robots by 2025, when KAMAZ plans to achieve digital production, standardized robotization and logistics. The goal by 2030 is smart modular production and 660 robots used.

KAMAZ’s production robotization strategy schedules for 2035 intelligent robotization based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, as well as widespread application of robots in all processes. By this time, it is planned to achieve the robotization ratio – 1,000 robots per 10,000 workers. The robots will expectedly be introduced into all main, auxiliary and logistic production processes. The company plans to use 3,000 robots at its premises.



KAMAZ ASIA LEASING, the joint venture between KAMAZ-LEASING and UzAutoTrailer, financed the purchase of 10 KAMAZ-6520-1771-PN dump trucks by DIYORA FAYZ GULSHANI OOO. The KAMAZ vehicles were supplied by the official dealer UzAutoTrailer OOO.

The 6×4 rear-unloading KAMAZ-6520 dump trucks can carry 20 tonnes. They are equipped with an upgraded 360 hp RGK.EC.820.969-360 (Euro 5) gas engine, a 16-speed manual transmission, reinforced leaf spring suspension, drum brakes, ABS, ARS. The trucks went to the new customer in Tashkent. DIYORA FAYZ GULSHANI OOO acquired KAMAZ vehicles to carry agricultural products.

Today, JV KAMAZ ASIA LEASING OOO, a subsidiary of KAMAZ Leasing Company in Uzbekistan, offers KAMAZ trucks on lease from the manufacturer in a single window mode, including insurance and installation of telematics equipment.

More information about KAMAZ-LEASING’s offers can be found on the websites www.kamazleasing.ruwww.kamazleasing.uz, as well as on the telegram channel https://t.me/kamaz_leasing.