Transporter belt conveyor K-12 on the 5814Y9 truck mixer on the KAMAZ-6540 chassis


Transporter belt conveyor K-12 mounted on the 5814Y9 truck mixer on the KAMAZ-6540 (8×4, Euro 5) chassis is a unique design that has no analogues in Russia, with which it is possible to increase the radius of the horizontal discharge of finished concrete from the mixer up to 12 meters. The design also allows you to easily lay concrete to a height of up to 6 meters. The concrete mix is fed through the conveyor of the three-section boom, and its movement is carried out along the guide rollers from the chassis drive.

The capacity of the equipment is over 60 m3/h. The width of the tape is 400 mm. A distinctive feature of the belt conveyor is the increased range of the working area-over 240 degrees. To ensure the stability of the concrete mixer truck, outrigger supports are installed. The conveyor is controlled by a remote control conveniently located in the rear support area.



President of Russia Vladimir Putin has congratulated KAMAZ PTC, the labor collective and the company’s veterans on the 45th anniversary of the release of the first car.

«Dear friends! I cordially congratulate you on the 45th anniversary of the release of the first car of the legendary brand KAMAZ!

The construction of KAMAZ is considered to be one of the most ambitious and demanded projects in the domestic automotive industry, an important contribution to strengthening the economic and industrial power, the defense capability of the state. Thanks to the enthusiasm and selfless work of designers, workers, engineers, designers, representatives of other specialties who came to the banks of the Kama River from all over the country, the tasks were solved in the shortest possible time, and on February 16, 1976, the first truck rolled off the main assembly line.

It is gratifying that the current generation of KAMAZ workers continues the remarkable traditions laid down by their predecessors with dignity. As it was decades ago, professionals who are deeply dedicated to their work and their native factory work here, bold ideas and truly innovative approaches are born, breakthrough, in many ways unique technologies are introduced, including those for the future production of unmanned vehicles. The company pays constant attention to the issues of professional development and training of young personnel, solving the pressing social problems of employees.

Today, KAMAZ is among the recognized world leaders in the heavy-duty automotive industry. Your products are widely used in construction and housing, industrial and agricultural enterprises, make up a significant part of the motor vehicle fleet of the Russian Armed Forces, and, of course, we are all sincerely proud of our common heritage – the famous, invincible team KAMAZ-master.

I am convinced that you will continue to work diligently, set high, ambitious goals and achieve success, produce equipment that meets the most modern standards of safety, reliability, environmental friendliness, and consistently promote the KAMAZ brand on global markets. I wish you new achievements and all the best! » – says the text of the congratulatory telegram.

Today we mark 45 years since the release of the first KAMAZ!