The unmanned KAMAZ truck of Innopolis University drove 3,000 kilometers in the city.

Russian unmanned cargo truck for 5 hours a day drives safely in urban conditions. The vehicle can move off-road without accurate maps, getting information about the route from its own unmanned aerial equipment.

“We have created our own set of algorithms, an approach to recognizing and classifying objects and laying routes. Our control system generates 2,048 trajectories 6.4 seconds ahead every 0.05 seconds. However, it takes into account static and dynamic obstacles surrounding the vehicle in the range of 360 degrees at a distance of 220 m. Thus, it can be argued that, unlike a human, such a heavy duty truck sees everything and plans movement, taking into account all factors,” explains Salimzhan Gafurov, the Head of the Laboratory of Autonomous Transport Systems.

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