On the basis of the KAMAZ-43118 all-wheel drive chassis, a unique snowplow was manufactured.

The uniqueness of the special equipment developed by KAMAZ in conjunction with their partner SpetsAgregat Plant LLC lies in its high productivity. The milling rotor snowplow MRS-1 of 103-CA model is capable of cleaning up to 3,500 tons of snow per hour. For comparison the Russian analogues make it only up to 1600 tons per hour.

In addition, among the features of the technique is the maximum possible ejection of snow mass which reaches 50 meters. In the process of snow removal the special machine moves with the help of the hydraulic drive with stepless speed control (joystick control from the operator’s cab), while in the transport mode it moves due to the standard mechanical drive.

Initially the customers of the new model were a large-sized gas producer and a joint Russian-American venture on Sakhalin Island.

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