As per the special customer request, a unique dump truck body for KAMAZ-65802 and KAMAZ-6580 chassis was developed.

BCM-290.3 dump superstructures with a body volume of 15 cubic meters mounted on a KAMAZ-65802 (6×6) all-wheel drive chassis for subsequent operation. Also, the body can be installed on the KAMAZ-6580 chassis. The equipment is in demand while working in heavy road and climatic conditions (at low temperatures), in intensive mode.

The main feature of the BCM-290.3 dump superstructure is a unique W-shaped double bottom, which provides fast and uniform heating of the slopes of the front and side walls of the body. Heating is carried out by exhaust gases of increased efficiency through a three-position valve with the possibility of switching off if necessary. Exhaust gas is discharged through the holes in the rear lower part of the body in the center. In addition, the W-shaped bottom reduces the impact loads on the chassis when loading rock, which has a positive effect on the service life of the KAMAZ dump truck.⠀

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