The management of OJSC KAMAZ thanked the entire staff of the renowned “blue armada” for victories in Africa Eco Race 2015 and Dakar-2015.

The celebration in honour of the 13-time winners of the Dakar-2015 rally-raid who had swept the whole podium of the Dakar-2015 was held this week. General Director of OJSC KAMAZ Sergey Kogogin emphasized the significance of the results achieved, “Nobody gave us the victory on a silver platter, for all our advantages each race has its own character, the victory is always to be fought for. Maybe someone got accustomed to our victories, but I can’t get used to them. I realize that these victories don’t come easily to you, they are earned by your own sweat and blood – this can never become habitual. Thank you so much for what you achieved at Dakar, you overcame all difficulties and did your work there.” Also Sergey Kogogin announced that the company planned to promote karting to train would-be racers for the team.

Vladimir Chagin, the team leader, a seven-time Dakar winner, told about peculiarities of the Dakar race and preparation for it. This year, the racing drivers underwent hypoxic trainings preparing their bodies for high altitude conditions using special equipment, including tents with rarefied air, thus eliminating unpleasant side effects caused by high altitudes, “In the second half of the marathon, it was seen from the competitors’ faces that they were exhausted and tired, we looked much more cheerful.”

The team also received congratulations from Russian President Vladimir Putin, Tatarstan’s Prime Minister Ildar Khalikov, Chairman of the State Council of Tatarstan Farid Mukhametshin, President of the Russian Olympic Committee Aleksandr Zhukov and other officials of various levels.

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