The KAMAZ truck assembly plant is getting ready to deliver the first batch of new KAMAZ-65951 mining trucks.

Experts of the quality department are accepting three KAMAZ-65951 dump trucks at once at the line of assembly and delivery of vehicles. This vehicle represents a heavy line of four-axle trucks with GVW of 50 tonnes, is designed for transportation of various bulk cargoes, operation in quarries and at construction sites. In contrast to its predecessor KAMAZ-65801, new dump trucks of the K5 generation are equipped with KAMAZ-910 engines complying with the Euro 5 emission standards, generating 450 hp, with perforated frame, heavy duty batteries, original air filter and three-section metal bumper.

Based on trial assembly, experts of the promising vehicles assembly engineering group of the truck assembly plant jointly with the Research and Development Center modified equalizing beam suspension attachment. Besides, under their advice, the Smart Tool electronic system will be installed to ensure quality and fixed tightening torque.

Special attention was paid to the manufacture and installation of a massive three-sectional bumper. Together with participants of the Reengineering of Auto Production and Development of Advanced Vehicle Line project, they designed, made and tested special containers for delivery of details to the press and stamping plant, tables for sub-assembly, carts for sub-assembled bumper elements to be stored and transported to a position.

After acceptance, the four-axle chassis will go to NEFAZ to be equipped with dumping platforms with a volume of 20 cubic meters.

Serial production of the new vehicles is scheduled for June. By the end of the year, the truck assembly plant plans to assemble 185 KAMAZ-65951 trucks, and, in total, more than 300 dump trucks of the K5 generation.

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