KAMAZ’s plant of spare parts and components produced the hundred-thousandth gearbox since the launch of the enterprise. The output of the jubilee gearbox was celebrated with a festive meeting.

“The plant made 1,500 gearboxes a month at the beginning of the current year, boosting a monthly output to 2,400 units in March-April. We must give credit to your staff – you had to work at high pressure, but you did everything to keep the KAMAZ conveyor operating. For nine months of 2022, the plant of spare parts and components produced 16,516 gearboxes, whereas 16,001 gearboxes were produced for the whole last year. It means that it took only nine months to exceed last year’s performance,” First Deputy General Director of KAMAZ – Executive Director Yury Gerasimov thanked those present. The staff also accepted congratulations from Rafis Galiev, Director of the plant of spare parts and components, Ildar Gilfanov, Deputy Director for Development, Technical Support, and other managers.

Fifteen workers of the plant were awarded honorary certificates of the plant of spare parts and components for their conscientious and efficient work and in celebration of the jubilee gearbox release.

The order to establish the plant of spare parts and components at the premises of production of gearbox details and spare parts, previously belonging to the engine plant, was signed on February 1, 2016. And as early as a half-year later, the first gearbox of Model 154 rolled off the production line.

In total, KAMAZ produces seven models of gearboxes and about 250 their versions – for various vehicles and layouts. Since the start of assembly at the plant of spare parts and components, 100 thousand gearboxes of 65 different modifications have been assembled. The production of three new versions of gearboxes was mastered. It is notable that the highest demand is for 30 modifications out of the total number.

The plant of spare parts and components has capacities for machining of gearbox details for 40 thous. vehicle sets a year. In 2022, sharply growing targets for gearboxes resulted in a decision to manufacture crankcase details at the truck production plant and the engine plant. The gearbox capacity output achieved 28 thous. a year.

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