KAMAZ-65952 dump truck with a new generation cab is being tested at the NAMI training ground in Dmitrov.

Tests of the KAMAZ-65952 dump truck started at the beginning of 2020. Testing of the machine takes place at the NAMI training ground located in the city of Dmitrov. Also, the truck is tested in conditions as close as possible to actual operation to verify the reliability of all technical solutions.

The truck belongs to the latest K5 family, it has a new cab, a new KAMAZ R6 engine, an automatic gearbox, a new architecture of electrics and electronics are installed. Compared with the trucks of the previous K4 family, many improvements in the chassis have been implemented – for example, spars with a profile height of 300 mm are used, new solutions for the front and rear suspension of the car.

According to Igor Valeev, the deputy chief designer for automobiles at the KAMAZ Science and Technology Center, serial production of KAMAZ heavy family vehicles is planned for early 2021. In 2020, it is planned to manufacture a pilot batch for operational tests.

K5 generation trucks include several families of them. Automobiles of the main family were the first to appear: KAMAZ-54901, KAMAZ-65659 truck tractors, as well as the 65658 chassis. Following them were heavy family cars, including KAMAZ-6595, KAMAZ-65951, KAMAZ-65952 dump trucks and KAMAZ-65956 truck tractor . In addition, it is planned to create a transport family, a family of all-wheel drive trucks on a single tire and a family of medium-tonnage trucks.

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