Specialists of the Scientific and Technical Center of KAMAZ PTC are working on the creation of electric trucks, the first of which was an electric garbage truck with the index 53198 — KAMAZ-Chistogor.

This truck will be the founder of a new family of KAMAZ-Chistogor trucks that run on electricity.



Electric garbage truck KAMAZ-53198 has 4х2 wheel formula.
Payload of chassis — 12 tons
Payload of the garbage truck — 6 tons
Gross vehicle weight — 19.5 tons
The load on the driving axle — 11.5 tons
The load on the front axle — 8 tons
The base of the truck — 4400 mm.

The truck is equipped with modern, comfortable cabin on a four-point spring suspension without sleeping berth. The truck has front and rear disc brakes. The maximum speed of an electric truck is at least 90 km/h. The slope to be overcome is at least 15%. The capacity of the traction battery is 156.6 kWh. The estimated power reserve at full weight of the truck, taking into account the work of the superstructure for compressing garbage – 100 km.

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