A new product a sludge truck designed for transportation and processing of waste oil and gas industries was developed on the basis of the KAMAZ-VANKOR dump truck.

A new development – a sludge truck based on a KAMAZ-VANKOR dump truck, allows to solve the problem of transportation and processing of waste oil and gas industries, as the most environmentally aggressive and constantly generated in the process of extraction and processing, which is of particular relevance. Utilization and processing of drilling waste allows not only to protect the environment from the toxic elements contained in them, but also to obtain valuable and safe building materials. More recently, the main way to handle these wastes was their accumulation and content in specialized tanks and barns.

The main difference between a sludge truck and a conventional dump truck is a closed body (a closed upper platform with a special filling hatch and a sealed tailgate and underbody). In addition, the body is equipped with exhaust heating, so that the liquid substance can be transported without problems in the cold season. A powerful and economical Cummins ISL400 engine is installed on the KAMAZ-VANKOR all-wheel drive sludge truck. Due to its characteristics, the truck is capable of transporting sludge in difficult northern climatic conditions.

Automotive equipment is designed and manufactured by the official partner of KAMAZ – RIAT OJSC. Truck service is provided by the entire service network of KAMAZ PTC and RIAT’s own services in Nizhnevartovsk, Kogalym, Noyabrsk, Novy Urengoy. The first batch of KAMAZ-VANCOR sludge trucks has already been delivered to the customer, a large company specializing in the utilization and processing of drill cuttings.

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