Road special equipment on the KAMAZ chassis for Yakutia

Created a unique special vehicle-combined road car ED600AK on the chassis of KAMAZ-VANKOR 6522-RT for road maintenance in Yakutia.

Tests of the first sample of a universal car in Yakutia were successful, and negotiations have already begun on the delivery of a batch of KDM ED600AK on the chassis of KAMAZ-VANKOR with the customer of vehicles-MUAD AK “ALROSA”.

The basis for the car, called KDM ED600AK, became known in the North all-wheel drive dump truck KAMAZ-VANKOR with a Cummins ISL engine with a capacity of 400 HP. The dump truck is equipped with «Northern» options that allow to work comfortably in almost any climatic conditions. This is confirmed by the geography of distribution of this car: it successfully operates throughout Russia – from the Taimyr peninsula and the Murmansk region to Primorye and Kazakhstan.

To work with numerous attachments KAMAZ-VANKOR was equipped with a hydraulic striker ZMT. It provides operating speed in the range from 0 to 8 km/h with infinitely variable control, which is extremely important for the correct and high-quality operation of equipment for road maintenance.

A separate item in the configuration is a milling-rotary snowplow BUCHER with a capacity of 2800 m3/hour. Without it road cleaning in winter in Siberia is irrational. The BUCHER unit allows to clean large amounts of snow, while the snow is thrown at a distance of 30 meters (to the left or right side). The width of the processed strip is more than 2.5 meters; the height of the captured snow shaft is up to 1.5 meters.

Before the advent of ED600AK, milling and rotary snowplows were only used on tractors or airfield support vehicles specially designed for this purpose. In the case of the ED600AC, the car can easily be converted into a traditional snowplow or washing machine and can be used as a four-wheel drive dump truck if necessary.

The vehicles were developed and manufactured by the official partner of KAMAZ – RIAT ACS together with the company Mercator holding, specializing in the design, production and maintenance of road, municipal, airfield special equipment.

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