The KAMAZ press and frame factory was granted the right to participate in welding and stamp parts of the cab for the new model range – the KAMAZ-54901 automobile.

In order to master the production of the carcass, a stamping and welding workshop for cab parts was created. Organization of production here was organized as safe as possible. There are resistance welding machines, electrical welding posts and robotic cells, as well as technical quality control posts on a compact platform.

There is no limit to perfection and after two years   a number of improvements in this area have carried out. The special stand contains detailed instructions on the principle of “3 NOTs” for defect-free production organizing, ready-made products with tags with brand designations are brought to the sample stand.

Also, innovations were introduced at the site to increase labor productivity. So, for example, in order for the machine to work on resistance welding, they did not overload the working part of the electrode, which had to be spent on cooling. Attention is paid to working conditions as well. Special trolleys have already been made that reduce the load on welders when storing parts in containers. There are other ideas that will also help to increase the labor efficiency.

For now there is the development of new products of the K5 generation. The start of mass production is scheduled for the next year. By the time of launch, the site should grow to a premium standard, because KAMAZ-54901 belongs to it, for which products are manufactured here.

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