Drivers of KAMAZ divisions and subsidiaries took part in the professional skills competition “KAMAZ Cup-2023”, held in Naberezhnye Chelny at the Technogorod cartodrome.

The traditional competition was held on the initiative of the KAMAZ Logistics Center for the 14th time. It was attended by 28 drivers from nine divisions and subsidiaries of the auto giant. Welcoming the participants, Deputy Director of the Transport Logistics Department of the Logistics Center Evgeny Naborshchikov wished everyone to use their experience and knowledge as much as possible and not to miss luck on the highway.

Before the competition, all participants passed an exam for knowledge of the rules of the road. Directly at the cartodrome, each contestant had to go through a “tunnel”, then, moving in reverse, carefully brake in front of the stop zone, pass the baton, stop again at the stop line and finish. One of the most difficult and spectacular stages is the relay race: here the driver must remove the ring from the bracket of the first rack on the move and transfer it to the second one, located at a distance of 10 meters. By the way, the trajectory of the distance was built in the form of an inscription K5. The risk of getting penalty points was at every stage, especially dangerous was the spade for the stop line.

According to the results of the competition, the first place was taken by an experienced driver Peter Ivanov from STFC KAMAZ. He has been participating in driving competitions for more than 15 years, more than once became the winner and prize-winner of competitions, including All-Russian ones. The total driving experience of Peter Ivanov is 43 years. The second place belongs to the driver of the same division, Mars Fakhrullin, and the third place belongs to the representative of Auto Parts KAMAZ, Farit Shayakhmetov.

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