NEFAZ, a subsidiary of KAMAZ in the Republic of Bashkortostan, has mastered the production of new models of trailed equipment.

One of the novelties is the main semitrailer NEFAZ-93341-0300203-08. In accordance with the wishes of major carriers of the Russian Federation, the new version of the semi-trailer received axial units SAF (Germany) with disc brakes, and the front axle lift mechanism was excluded from the configuration, which allowed to maintain a competitive price.

As it was explained by the specialists of the “KAMAZ” Trade and Financial company, the platform of the semi-trailer is made with a rigid front metal wall with shockproof protection, side boards in the form of three racks with wooden beams and rear swing gates. Easy-to-assemble tent frame provides high strength at low weight. The curtain design allows to minimize loading and unloading time, and also to facilitate work of the driver. The sides and roof of the semi-trailer are shifted without disassembling the structure, both together and separately⠀

The second novelty – an upgraded version of the bestseller, dump trailer NEFAZ-8560-02. According to the results of consumer surveys, the novelty received a reinforced platform design: the thickness of the side boards increased up to 2.0 mm, the front and rear sides are made in the form of a solid wall with a thickness of 3 mm.

The complex of these improvements increases the rigidity and durability of the trailer dump platform. The trailer is intended for transportation of grain and other agricultural cargoes, including mineral fertilizers. It allows to carry up to 15 cubic meters of cargo.

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