KAMAZ is taking part in the Innoprom 2023 International Industrial Exhibition, which has opened today in Yekaterinburg.

This year, within the framework of the Innoprom exhibition, KAMAZ for the first time presented two models of logging equipment. The all-wheel drive KAMAZ-1010 Harvester is a machine that performs tree cutting, delimbing and cross-cutting operations. It belongs to the heavy class of harvesters, which are designed to work on cutting areas with large forest stands and therefore are distinguished by a significant mass, a large possible outreach (up to 10–12 m) and a large load moment of the manipulator. The vehicle is equipped with harvester heads that allow cutting down trees with a trunk diameter of 600 mm or more. In its turn, the KAMAZ-1011 Forwarder is a logging machine designed for collecting, sorting, loading and transporting (skidding) assortments in a fully submerged position from the place of harvesting to the logging point (storage point). Also, this model provides for the subsequent unloading and stacking of assortments in a pile or loading into timber vehicles. It belongs to the heavy class of forwarders.

The main feature of the vehicles is the synchronized angle of rotation of the manipulator and the cab. The KAMAZ Harvester and the KAMAZ Forwarder have a unified front module for the engine and engine systems, units and assemblies, front frame and trim package, which together allows to reduce the range of components for assembling. The new products are not inferior to competitors in terms of productivity and carrying capacity, therefore, KAMAZ expects that the new vehicles will take their rightful place on the market in the logging equipment segment.

Also KAMAZ exhibits a cabless unmanned dump truck KAMAZ-6559 (Jupiter-30) designed for autonomous mining operations. Designed to transport loosened rock mass or ore using unmanned technology – without the presence of people in the danger zone of operating heavy vehicles and excavators. In connection with this feature, there is no cab for the driver in the vehicle.

The company’s stand also demonstrates the flagship of the K5 model range – the KAMAZ-54901 freight truck on a new sanction-resistant component base with improved technical characteristics. This model is in high demand in the commercial trucking market.

The main industrial exhibition of the country – Innoprom 2023 – is being held in Yekaterinburg from July 10 to 13. This is a global event in the industry, which brings together representatives of various states and businesses on one platform to establish new business contacts and develop the industrial sector, enables to establish a dialogue between business and government, as well as enter new markets. The main topic of this year’s event is Sustainable Production: Renewal Strategies.

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