KAMAZ presented novelties in the passenger transport segment within the framework of the International Exhibition of Bus Equipment BW Expo-2022, which was held at the Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow from November 29 to December 1.

The KAMAZ stand attracted the visitors of the exhibition with three completely new models of passenger vehicles presented there: a KAMAZ-6299-40-5T extra-large class bus running on compressed natural gas (CNG), a KAMAZ-6250 all-wheel drive shift bus, and a NEFAZ-5299-31-52 restyled suburban bus.

The low-floor accordion bus KAMAZ-6299-40-5T is presented to the general public for the first time. This exhibit was a continuation of the urban transport line of the A4 generation and differs from its predecessors – a diesel bus and an articulated electric bus – with a more powerful engine of 340 hp running on CNG. Vehicles of this class are designed to work on the busiest routes with heavy passenger traffic. The passenger compartment has a low floor, wide standing area near the second door, is equipped with handrails with signal buttons for the driver to open the doors, and USB chargers for gadgets. A wide gangway in the second section became possible due to three one-and-a-half seats installed there instead of dual ones. The novelty fully complies with the Accessible Environment program. The total passenger capacity is 155 people, there are 44 seats. Also among the advantages of this bus are the predictable low fuel consumption, moderate maintenance costs and a long service life due to modern body manufacturing technologies.

The all-wheel drive shift bus KAMAZ-6250 is another interesting novelty in 2022. The model was developed by KAMAZ engineers specifically by order of PJSC Gazprom and was first presented to the public as part of the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum 2022. The all-terrain vehicle with an original design can be equipped with various ICE options – diesel, gas powered by CNG or LNG, as well as equipped with an additional set of options – a northern version and an additional range for a CNG bus up to 550 km. The main feature is that this is a full-fledged middle-class bus with a frame-panel monobody, and not a truck with a traditional shift-type superstructure.

The body received a bodywork basic structure (welded from steel pipes) and an external cladding made of composites, the front mask of the bus in design has common features with KAMAZ trucks of the latest generation K5. The body of the bus is based on the KAMAZ-43502 (4×4) chassis. The cabin capacity is 32 passengers or 23 passengers + luggage compartments. The bus complies with safety requirements. The load-bearing frame ensures the safety of passengers in case of a rollover, seats with three-point seat belts are installed (for all passengers). The body is universal and suitable for wider applications – as mobile laboratories, meeting offices, medical offices, engineering centers, control centers.

The restyled suburban bus NEFAZ-5299-31-52 with improved performance is an effective solution for suburban routes and personnel transportation. A distinctive feature of the restyled model from the bus of the previous generation is the presence of standing area and a ramp for the transportation of passengers with limited mobility, which meet the requirements of the Accessible Environment. At the same time, a complete set without a standing platform, for 40 seats will be available to customers. This particular version of the bus was demonstrated as part of BW Expo-2022.

The body is made of fiberglass panels, the length and width of the bus has increased. Also, the restyled suburban NEFAZ-5299-31-52 received an improved “stuffing”. Thus, the engine power has been significantly increased to 221.5 kW. The model is equipped with an automatic transmission and independent front suspension, which ensures smooth running, comfort, maneuverability, and a large angle of rotation of the wheel. The number of heaters in the cabin has increased – now there are five of them.

When developing the restyled model, engineers also took care of the drivers’ comfort. Their workplace has also been improved: visibility has been improved, an ergonomic instrument panel has been installed, which provides a complete display of all the working controls of the bus. The comfortable air-suspended driver’s seat with headrest and backrest adjustment helps reduce the driver’s physical stress in the process of driving.

In addition, the restyled model does not have steps at the entrance to the cabin, the bus is equipped with a “kneeling” system for easy passenger entry. The total passenger capacity is 86 people. It should be noted that sales of restyled NEFAZ suburban buses in gas and diesel modifications will start in the 1st quarter of 2023.

BW Expo is the largest exhibition of bus equipment in Russia (previously held under the name Busworld Russia). Leading manufacturing companies from Russia, Belarus, China, Turkey presented new models of city, suburban and tourist buses, minibuses, equipment for maintenance and repair, as well as spare parts and components.

For the first time, a large-scale industry business event UrbanTrans Mobility Forum was held at the exhibition site. Samat Sattarov, Director for Passenger Transport of KAMAZ PTC, made a report during the panel session View of Passenger Vehicle Manufacturers on the Current State of the Market.

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