KAMAZ PTC and the official partner RIAT OJSC, have brought to the market the new multi-axle special KAMAZ-65808 and KAMAZ-7330 chassis within the framework of the import substitution program.

Oil and gas production in modern conditions is impossible without the use of hydraulic fracturing technologies and the use of coiled tubing (CT). These technologies provide an increase in inflow due to the creation of a highly conductive fracture in the target formation under the action of a fluid fed into it under pressure. Due to the fact that until recently there was no Russian chassis of the required carrying capacity and power, the main special hydraulic fracturing and coiled tubing machines were supplied to the Russian market on imported chassis.

According to experts, when discussing the prospects for cooperation, representatives of oilfield service companies have repeatedly stated out the problems of using imported special equipment due to significant wear of the carrier chassis. At the same time, the expensive equipment had a good resource reserve. The official partner of KAMAZ was faced with the task of creating competitive Russian-made chassis with technical characteristics and consumer properties similar to the imported ones. It was also envisaged to remount the equipment from the worn-out imported chassis onto the new KAMAZ chassis so that the equipment could continue to be used. Today, the new multi-axle special chassis for oilfield services have been created and brought to the market.

By order of the leading Russian oilfield service company PACKER-SERVICE LLC together with NEFTEMASH LLC (Surgut), the first batch of hydraulic fracturing pumping units have already been reassembled from the imported chassis, which has exhausted its service life, onto the new special KAMAZ-RIAT-65808 and KAMAZ-RIAT-7330 chassis. The characteristics of the new chassis provide a lifting capacity of up to 34 tons and a power take-off for the drive of the upper special equipment. The chassis have been modified with the “northern” options for operation in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and is much cheaper than imported analogues. Maintenance of vehicles is provided by the proprietary service network of KAMAZ PTC.

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