By the end of the year, one thousand electric buses most of which are supplied by KAMAZ will operate in the Russian capital.

There are over 850 electric buses, including 670 assembled at KAMAZ, running in Moscow now. Already by the New Year, the anniversary, thousandth vehicle will take the metropolitan routes, and by the end of 2023, the number of electric buses in Moscow should exceed 2,200 units. Thus, about 40% of all public transport in the capital will become electric.

Electric buses, including KAMAZ buses, appeared on the roads of Moscow for the first time in September 2018. According to Maksim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport, the rapid development of ecologically clean urban vehicles raises the quality of city life. Passengers highly appreciate its operation and willingly use it: within three years, electric buses have transported more than 140 million people. “We will continue to further introduce electric buses into the city’s ecosystem. By the decision of the Mayor of Moscow, starting this year we will purchase only environmentally friendly transport, and by the end of the year there will already be a thousand electric buses in the city,” Maksim Liksutov emphasized.

“Our fruitful cooperation with Moscow has been lasting for over three years. During this time, we have signed four contracts for the supply of large batches of KAMAZ electric buses to the fleet of Mosgortrans. Moreover, in April, on the territory of the Sokolnichesky Car Repair and Construction Plant in Moscow, with the active support of the capital’s leaders, the final production of KAMAZ electric buses was created,” noted Samat Sattarov, Director of Passenger Transport of KAMAZ PTC“By January 2022, the capital’s passengers will be transported by 750 KAMAZ electric buses, including Moscow assemblies. We hope that this is not the limit. We plan to take part in the next tender for the supply of innovative transport and continue working on its improvement in order to make the KAMAZ electric bus even more environmentally friendly and comfortable for passengers.”

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