KAMAZ-LEASING financed the purchase of five KAMAZ-5490 NEO truck tractors by Avtoholod LLC.

The fleet of the company specializing in providing transportation services to legal entities was supplemented with KAMAZ-5490 NEO truckS. The lessee company is using leasing from the manufacturer for the first time. The transaction was concluded under the “Leasing from the manufacturer” program which implies favorable conditions for small and medium-sized businesses. The client purchased vehicles due to the increase in number of orders and the expansion of the fleet.

The cars are equipped with the Daimler OM457LA (Euro-5) fuel-efficient engine with 401 hp, a comfortable four-point cab and a berth (the car can be equipped with a second berth upon request), as well as a ZF 16S2220 TD gearbox, an electropneumatic braking system (EBS), Electronic Course Stabilization Progra. (ESP) and Traction Control (ASR). In addition, among the features of the technology is an optimized distribution of loads on the axles, the control of the load on the driving axle and the fuel reserve increased to 760 liters.

You can learn more about KAMAZ leasing programs on www.kamazleasing.ru.

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