KAMAZ took the 16th place in the latest rating of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy trucks.

At the end of 2019, KAMAZ was ranked 16th among the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks with a total weight of more than 16 tons. Such data is published in the annual report of the Global Truck Industry, which reflects the state of the global truck industry. According to Paccar inc., one of the TOP 10 leading car manufacturers in the world, KAMAZ also ranked 16th in the world ranking.

When compiling the rating, analysts relied on the production volumes of global automakers. At the end of 2019, KAMAZ sold 35.5 thousand heavy trucks, ahead of such well-known car giants as IVECO and ISUZU. At the same time, the German company Daimler, which has been a strategic partner and a major shareholder of KAMAZ since 2008, remains at the top of the ratings.

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