Vaccination of employees against coronavirus continues at KAMAZ. The company has organized the most accessible and convenient procedure process.

According to the latest data, 3188 people were vaccinated with the first component of Sputnik V vaccine. The second component has already been vaccinated in 2084 employees. Applications for vaccination are still being accepted.

Recall that vaccination against coronavirus in Russia began in December last year, from January 18, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to switch to large-scale vaccination.  Vaccination campaign on KAMAZ began on the third of February. Optimal conditions have been created for KAMAZ employees to receive the necessary dose of the vaccine on-the-job. The medical centers of the company’s factories and divisions are equipped with the necessary equipment, and health care workers of Naberezhnye Chelny medical institutions are invited to perform the procedure – paramedics of city hospitals No. 9 and 5 work.

In addition, information meetings of the labor collective with representatives of Naberezhnye Chelny healthcare on vaccination against coronavirus infection are continuing at the KAMAZ plants. The main goal of the vaccination campaign is to protect personnel from coronavirus infection and ensure collective immunity.

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