A drop-side truck loader crane on the KAMAZ-43118 chassis, a crew bus on the KAMAZ-42261 chassis and a concrete mixer truck on the KAMAZ-6520 chassis were presented at the Tekhnodrev exhibition held in Khabarovsk.

The 15th Anniversary International Exhibition Tekhnodrev is a key professional event of the timber industry complex of the Far East. Its goal is to organize a platform for direct communication with top managers and top experts of wood enterprises, state, regional and industry structures, and representatives of private business. The platform presents technologies, machines, equipment and tools for logging, bioenergy, woodworking and furniture industries.

The official dealer of KAMAZ PTC, Soniktrans LLC, took part in the event, presenting vehicles essential for this region: the drop-side KAMAZ-43118 truck with a loader crane manufactured by CRANE Center KAMAZ LLC, the KAMAZ-42261 crew bus and the concrete mixer truck based on the KAMAZ-6520 manufactured by Tuimazinskiy Concrete Carrier Plant PTC, a subsidiary of the auto giant in Bashkiria.

The truck loader crane is designed to perform a wide range of loading and unloading, construction and installation and transport operations with various cargoes. The carrying capacity of the chassis is 12.72 tonnes, the maximum carrying capacity is 7 tonnes. The technical permissible weight of the transported cargo is up to 8.5 tonnes. The maximum greach of the five-stage boom is 19 m, the crane stroke is up to 19.5 m. A KAMAZ-740.705-300 (Euro 5) turbocharged diesel engine with a working volume of 11.76 liters and a KAMAZ 154 gearbox are installed under the hood of the drop-sided vehicle based on the KAMAZ-43118 chassis.

The internal parameters of the flat platform are 6112x2470x730 mm. The platform is without frame and awning. The rear and side boards are metal and hinged. The floor plates are wooden.

The crew bus 42261 based on the chassis KAMAZ-43118 (6×6) has 28+3 seats. The bus is equipped with a KAMAZ 740.300 Euro 5 diesel engine, a manual gearbox, two fuel tanks of 210 liters each.

The box van with beveled sides is made of frameless sandwich panels, trimmed with an aluminum angle around perimeter. The panel is 50 mm thick. The outer skin is clad metal, the inner skin is plastic. Extruded polystyrene foam is used as a heater. The heater from the internal combustion engine system is installed in the front and rear parts of the passenger compartment. The heater is remotely controlled from the driver’s cabin. The climatic conditions of the frameless box van enable to operate at temperatures from -45 to +50C°.

There are double-glass windows, glued-in double-glazed panoramic windows with lightproof shades, two windows with a mini-vent window, one on each side, the rest are dead windows. The entrance door is single-wing in the front part of the right panel of the box van with a dead double-glass window. There are handrails inside the body, on both sides of the entrance. The emergency exit with a dead window is installed in the rear of the body.

The concrete mixer truck 58149Z is designed to deliver ready-mixed concrete to consumers while maintaining the properties of the mixture along the route and to unload the mixture to the place of placement or concrete vehicles (concrete pumps, stationary concrete pumps, etc.). The base chassis KAMAZ-6520 with a 6×4 wheel arrangement is equipped with an engine (Euro 5) and a manual gearbox. The high cabin is on air suspension, without a berth. Vehicle dimensions are 8800x2500x3800 mm. The water tank has a capacity of 800 liters; and the concrete mix load capacity is 17,800 kg.

The mixing drum is driven by an independent engine. There is an option of electronic control to maintain rotation of the mixer drum at a constant speed, regardless of the engine speed. The hydraulic drive system is equipped with reliable hydraulic components by top European and domestic manufacturers. The capacity of the mixing drum for the output of the finished mixture is 9 cubic meters, unloading height is 400-2350 mm, unloading speed is 1 cu m/min. Mixing drum speed is up to 14 rpm.

The mixer truck is operated at temperatures from -20 °С to +40 °С. There is an optional winter version of the technological equipment which provides reliable protection of the concrete mix at low temperatures down to -40 °C.

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