On these days, KAMAZ PTC is demonstrating the KAMAZ-6355 (8×8) vehicle known as KAMAZ-Arctic at the XI International Forum Arctic: Today and the Future in St. Petersburg.

The International Forum Arctic: Today and the Future is a key public event in Russia, where socioeconomic development of the Russian North and the current Arctic agenda are discussed. More than 2,500 specialists from 40 regions of Russia and 15 foreign countries are among the delegates. The forum is attended by systemic companies, technology developers and manufacturers, financial and service enterprises, small and medium-sized business-owners, scientific, educational and public organizations.

In addition to an extensive business program, a large-scale exhibition was organized at the forum. It presents projects of Arctic enterprises, innovative solutions and services for northern projects, the investment potential of the regions that can trigger the economic growth of the Arctic. At this exhibition, KAMAZ PTC demonstrates a unique vehicle that is essential for the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation – the KAMAZ-Arctic all-terrain vehicle.

The 8×8 KAMAZ-6355 is designed to operate in the Far North and the Arctic at temperatures down to minus 50 degrees Celsius. The vehicle is equipped with an R6 power unit and a K5 sleeper cab, as well as an automatic gearbox. The key feature of the KAMAZ-Arctic all-terrain vehicle is its articulated frame: the truck turns not due to the wheels, but due to the “breaking” frame. This solution is applied because of the dimensions of the wheels: they are wide, which reduces a turning radius. At the same time, the wheels make it possible to increase the cross-country ability in special climatic conditions and on unstable soils. There is a module behind the cab for storing spare parts, tools and other accessories. Owing to its outstanding off-road qualities, KAMAZ-Arctic can act as an “alpha” truck – the vehicle at the head of a convoy leading ordinary follower trucks.

It should be recalled that in 2014, the Russian government adopted the program Socioeconomic Development of the Russian Arctic Zone up to 2020, which was subsequently extended until 2025. Its priority tasks are comprehensive socioeconomic development, the development of science, as well as the Russian Arctic zone’s resources with application of promising technologies. A demand arose for a vehicle that would help pioneers and researchers, mineral developers, as well as doctors and EMERCOM of Russia. KAMAZ offered the latest solution – the KAMAZ-Arctic snow and swamp-going vehicle. At the same time, two versions of this model were developed – the 6×6 KAMAZ-6345 (with a classic cab) and the 8×8 KAMAZ-6355 with a K5 generation cab.

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