KAMAZ Trade and Finance Company introduces a new format of relations with customers – consumers of KAMAZ equipment. The task is not just to sell cars, but also to get feedback from buyers.

Among the regular customers of the KAMAZ Trade and Financial Company – VESTA international logistics company, which occupies a leading position in the markets of Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS countries. Updating its Park in Russia, VESTA made a conscious choice in favor of gas-diesel KAMAZ. Last year, it acquired more than 400 KAMAZ-5490 NEO tractors, and today it operates about 500 units of this type of equipment. At the same time, its numerous fleet in Europe consists of equipment of other leading brands, which gave the basis for an objective comparison of performance indicators.

Gas-diesel KAMAZ-5490 NEO – one of the latest innovations of the auto giant, can be operated on a mixture of diesel fuel with methane and exclusively on diesel fuel, which expands its application where the network of gas stations is not developed.

The representatives of the VESTA company explained their choice in favor of bi-fuel Trucks due to the advantages of their application in work: a comfortable cabin for travel over long distances, capacity of operating in two modes and a considerable reduction in fuel costs.

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