Test drives of the KAMA3-43083 unmanned vehicle continue at the KAMAZ factory site.

The test operation of the KAMA3-43083 unmanned vehicle began in 2020. The truck without a driver is mastering the logistics of delivering cabs fr om the press and stamping plant to the automobile plant. Today the software of the vehicle is being tested, the engineers of the Scientific and Technical Center of the company are making changes, the truck is being finalized.

The project for the transportation of components using robotic vehicles was named Odyssey. This is one of the company’s steps towards creating vehicles for work in hazardous areas. While we are talking about logistics operations on the roads in the perimeter of the industrial site of KAMAZ. In general, such vehicles can be used in any industry where shuttle transportation is required along predetermined routes.

The Odyssey is assembled on the basis of the KAMAZ-43083 diesel truck. The truck is equipped with four types of sensors at once: “eyes” and other “senses” of the truck are replaced by video cameras, radars, lidars – laser rangefinders and sonars. The autobot has high-precision navigation (with an error of no more than 3-5 cm) and a communication system: industrial Wi-Fi, 4G and a special VHF band in case other communication channels are jammed, that is, an emergency channel. All data from the sensors go to the main brain of the truck – the computer, wh ere the incoming information about the motion parameters is calculated. Based on this, a decision is made on how the machine behaves and how to perform the task correctly.

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