Production facilities of KAMAZ have summed up production results of January 2022.

For 16 working days of January after New Year holidays, the assembly lines of the truck assembly plant, the final production of the company, made 3,406 vehicle sets (+117 to the business plan). To put this in perspective, last January (y-o-y) 1,843 vehicle sets were assembled for ten working days.

The assembly line of the engine plant and CUMMINS KAMA Joint Venture, also belonging to KAMAZ’s technological cycle, produced and delivered to the truck assembly plant and other customers 3,726 engines and power units (+81 units to the planned figure, 2,226 units for the same period last year).

In January, the supply volumes of spare parts for vehicles and their delivery to customers made more than 1.79 billion roubles (+184 million roubles to the planned figure, 1.4 billion roubles for the same period last year).

It is worth mentioning that in 2022, due to a larger number of orders, the top managers of KAMAZ decided not to schedule a traditional corporate leave for January, as was the case for the last few years, but fill production to capacity this month.

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