In eleven months of 2021, KAMAZ produced 39,658 vehicles, which is a 20.6 percent growth year-over-year.

In November, KAMAZ produced 4,152 assembly kits (last year’s figure is 3,307 units), and since the beginning of the year – 39,658 assembly kits (32,880 units, +20.6% YoY). KAMAZ also increased the rate of engine production compared to last year: the main vehicle assembly line and external customers received 4,448 engines and power units (3,744 units within the corresponding period last year) in November, and a total of 43,286 engines and power units (36,534 units, +18.5% YoY) from the engine plant and JV CUMMINS KAMA.

KAMAZ’s dealers, service centers, corporate and other clients received spare parts worth 2.94 billion rubles in November (2.33 billion rubles for the same period last year), since the beginning of the year – for the total sum of 27.96 billion rubles (22.36 billion rubles, +25% YoY).

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