In the «shortened» May 2021 (14 working days), the divisions of КAMAZ PТC continued to implement the production plan, following the results of five months significantly ahead of last year’s figures, in particular, for the production of machine kits – by 26 percent.

The automobile plant, the finishing enterprise of KAMAZ, produced in the past month 2,712 machine kits (for the same period last year – 2,465 units), and since the beginning of the year – 16,970 units (+26% to SPLY – 13,454 units).

The engine plant and CUMMINS KAMA JV produced and delivered to the main assembly line of KAMAZ and its other consumers 3,032 engines and power units (SPLY – 2,961 units). From the beginning, they produced 18 562 motors for cars and other vehicles (+24% to the same period last year – about 15 thousand units).

In May of spare parts sold for the sum of 2.5 billion rubles (SPLY – 1.76 billion rubles), for five months of the year – by 12.42 billion (+38% to the same period last year – to 8.95 billion).

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