For eleven months of 2022, KAMAZ produced 39,849 vehicles, slightly more than in the same period last year.

In November, the final production of KAMAZ vehicles produced 3,809 vehicle kits (4,152 units in the same period last year). The decrease in production month by month is associated with a significant increase in the production of all-wheel drive trucks by the company, for which there is an increased demand from federal customers. The production of trucks of this type is characterized by increased labor costs and affects the pace of assembly on the conveyor. In total, since the beginning of the year, 39,849 machine sets (39,658 units in the same period last year) have been produced.

The KAMAZ engine plant has increased the rate of output of its main products compared to the previous year. The main vehicle assembly line and external consumers received from the plant 4,501 in November (4,448 units in the same period last year), and in just 11 months – 44,179 (43,286 units in the same period last year) engines and power units.

In November, 150 KAMAZ-54901 trucks and 107 KAMAZ-5490 trucks of the new model range were produced.

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