The KAMAZ Scientific and Technical Center has developed and manufactured the first truck in a new line of quarry dump trucks – the KAMAZ-65805, intended for use in medium and small quarries.
The truck has an increased permissible axle loads (12 tons) and drive axles (21 tons). Tires are also designed for quarry.
The payload of the dump truck is 60 tons, and its total weight reaches 87 tons.
Length of truck – 11040 mm, width — 2530 mm, height – 3950 mm.
12-liter KAMAZ P6 diesel engine with a capacity of 500 HP is installed.
Transmission is hydro-mechanical automatic.
The fuel tank capacity is 400 liters.
The maximum speed of a dump truck without load is 90 km/h, with load – 50 km/h.
The truck’s wheel configuration is 10×6.

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