The consolidated revenue of the group of organizations of KAMAZ PTC amounted to 271 bn 822 mln RUB, exceeding the level of the previous year by 25%. Net profit for the year amounted to 4 bn 633 million rubles.

44,609 trucks were sold in domestic and foreign markets. The share of KAMAZ PTC in the Russian market of trucks with a gross weight of over 14 tons remains consistently high and amounted to 44% by the end of 2021. Significant revenue growth rates are due to an increase in sales of trucks in the domestic market, steady demand for the first model of the newest line of K5– KAMAZ-54901 cars and an increase in sales of passenger transport (buses, electric buses).

The increase in sales volumes, the effective use of client financing tools, initiatives to reduce costs and increase labor productivity led to an annual net profit in the amount of 4 bn 633 mln rubles (2020: 3bn 104 mln rubles).

The Group of Organizations of KAMAZ PTC demonstrated a positive operating cash flow in the amount of 4 bn 621 mln rubles, which, in particular, it allows for the implementation of production reengineering programs and the development of a new model range. Investments in modernization and development of new technologies amounted to 17 billion rubles, or 6% of revenue.

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