An outstanding novelty and one of the most attractive exhibits presented by KAMAZ at the COMTRANS 2021 exhibition is the KAMAZ-54907 (Continent) truck of the K6 generation.

The KAMAZ-54907 (Continent) is a completely new tractor unit. Its developers planned to build a brand new truck that will meet demands of long-haul transportation. The new truck was designed with application of many engineering solutions that are quite literally not typical for the Russian market. One of such features is a hybrid motor powered with both diesel and electricity. Diesel fuel consumption is about 25 liters per 100 km, which is 17% less than that of the previous KAMAZ-54901 model. The truck has Level 3 autonomous driving. It can drive along a straight line, change lanes, stop in front of obstacles, maintain a given speed in a convoy of vehicles.

The side mirrors are replaced by cameras. They transmit video data to monitors that mounted on the A-pillars inside the cab. The truck is fully covered with fairings. They cover its sidewalls, the upper part of the frame and the rear overhang to ensure high aerodynamics. The front optical systems are of the latest generation, matrix. Such headlights illuminate the road hundreds of meters ahead without blinding oncoming drivers. The back lamps are LED and great-looking.

There is only one seat in the cab – for the driver. The seat with a permanently active electromagnetic suspension can damp 90% of vibration dramatically reducing the load on the driver’s back. There is a refrigerator, a multicooker, a washbasin and a safe in the comfortable and habitable cab.

There are two cameras designed to monitor the driver’s condition, detect drowsy and dangerous driving. There is a display at the center of the steering wheel to control navigation and receive phone calls. If the driver is impaired by alcohol, a non-contact breathalyzer installed above the driver’s seat blocks the engine.

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