KAMAZ employees took part in the Project Management Leaders conference taking place in Moscow Oblast on these days. At the National Projects Achievement Exhibition timed to coincide with the event, the company presented the KAMAZ-6282 electric bus and the NEFAZ-5299 CNG bus.

The Project Management Leaders conference was organized by the Department of Project Activities of the Government of the Russian Federation at the site of Sberbank Corporate University in Moscow Oblast. Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Grigorenko took part in it. Tatarstan was represented at the conference by First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Rustam Nigmatullin.

Within the framework of the event, an exhibition demonstrating the results of the implementation of federal and regional projects is held. Samat Sattarov, Director for Passenger Transport of KAMAZ PTC, presented KAMAZ products – an electric bus and a gas engine bus – to Dmitry Grigorenko and other participants of the conference. He spoke in detail about the advantages of KAMAZ passenger transport, noting that today KAMAZ is the only manufacturer in Russia that has certified an electric bus with sanction-proof components of domestic production and components from friendly countries. “We started the transition to alternative components last year, 55 electric buses were produced in a transitional configuration. In 2023, we certified a product that is completely independent of European suppliers and began its mass production. To date, more than 40 electric buses in a new configuration have been produced. We are ready to offer the regions our innovative product as part of the launched program for the integrated development of urban electric transport,” Samat Sattarov emphasized.

Recall that the program for the integrated development of urban electric public transport is in the active phase of implementation and provides for the supply of about 300 electric buses to Russian regions.

The invitation to present the electric bus at the exhibition of achievements of national projects came from the leadership of the Republic of Tatarstan. “In the next two years, the Moscow fleet will be replenished with 1,000 new KAMAZ-6282 electric buses with improved technical characteristics, which were achieved through the use of alternative components from Russia and friendly countries. Moscow residents will receive high-quality, environmentally friendly and modern transport, which in many ways exceeds international analogues. The contract signed by KAMAZ in 2023 became the largest contract for the supply of electric buses in Europe. We hope that electric buses will soon appear in other regions of Russia,” said First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Nigmatullin.

As for the second exhibit, the NEFAZ-5299 bus, this product is one of the most popular in the Russian regions and is supplied under the Safe High-Quality Roads federal program.

“As part of the Safe High-Quality Roads national project, in 2020-2022, KAMAZ delivered 464 NEFAZ-5299-40-57 gas buses to Perm, Kazan, Kemerovo, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Cherepovets, Ufa. The supply of vehicles was carried out with the participation of the State Transport Leasing Company (GTLK), with which we are closely cooperating within the framework of the project. Thus, the most optimal conditions have been created for our customers – both in terms of financing the purchase of urban transport, and in terms of its subsequent service,” said Samat Sattarov.

The Safe High-Quality Roads national project is a good opportunity for the regions to upgrade their rolling stock. The program involves non-commercial leasing with a subsidy for the purchase of large-capacity gas-powered buses or electric vehicles. The region submits an application developed jointly with the municipality and carriers for the purchase of rolling stock, which is considered by an expert commission under the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. There are a number of strict requirements for acceptance: the availability of infrastructure, an optimal route network, cashless fares, etc. GTLK is the main executor of the program to upgrade public transport within the framework of the Safe High-Quality Roads program.

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