Four crews of KAMAZ-master will participate in the Hills of Russia Baja, the second stage of the Russian championship in rally raids among trucks scheduled for September 23-25, as reported by Erik Khyrullin, press attaché of the team.

The situation in the truck standings seems highly intriguing since two racing trucks of the team will be piloted by young racers Bogdan Karimov and Igor Chagin. Three trucks of the Belarussian team MAZ-SPORTavto and three GAZ vehicles by GAZ RAID SPORT will participate in the Hills of Russia. Plus, experienced Ayrat Mardeev’s crew will start on a brand new, not yet tested conventional truck, so the event in Ulyanovsk will undoubtedly attract rally raid fans. Andrey Karginov will drive on a sports truck of the K5 family he had already tested in the Archeda Baja this May.

The KAMAZ new conventional truck should become the big hit of the race. Ayrat Mardeev, who had supervised the manufacture of the new truck, noted, “This is the second edition of the conventional truck. The first version underwent alterations multiple times. And lots of these modifications were radical. In the new truck, all our previous mistakes were taken into account. Basing on their vision, many fans can’t tell one vehicle from another, but the new truck appeared to be easier to control, with better suspension, weight distribution, and other parameters. Three racing days in Ulyanovsk Oblast and 650 kilometers of specials in total will enable us to try the truck in real racing conditions.”

The team’s engineers and mechanics will focus mainly on the conventional truck, but not only on it. There are many new technical solutions applied in Andrey Karginov’s truck too.

Besides providing engineering and technical tasks to solve, the event in Ulyanovsk will also serve a good ground for accumulating needed racing practice. This will be not the first race at the steering wheel of a KAMAZ for Bogdan Karimov, but, for Igor Chagin, the Baja in Ulyanovsk will become a debut competition. Both crews registered experienced athletes: co-driver Yevgeny Yakovlev and mechanic Sergey Krenev in Karimov’s crew, co-driver Ruslan Akhmadeev and mechanic Vladimir Rybakov in Chagin’s crew. Such a neighborhood in a cab will definitely be extremely useful for the rookies of KAMAZ-master.

KAMAZ-master crews in the Hills of Russia Baja:

301. Andrey Karginov (pilot), Dmitry Nikitin (co-driver), Ivan Malkov (mechanic);

303. Ayrat Mardeev, Albert Arslanov, Vadim Akhmetov;

305. Bogdan Karimov, Yevgeny Yakovlev, Sergey Krenev;

307. Igor Chagin, Ruslan Akhmadeev, Vladimir Rybakov.

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