It has been 5 days from the start of Dakar 2020 Rally in Saudi Arabia.

Almost half of the route has been completed and the KAMAZ-Master team shows brilliant results at every stage!

Here’s what’s happened over the previous 5 stages:
1. At the first stage of Jeddah – Al-Wajh in the trucks competition, Anton Shibalov’s crew finished first.
2. On the second day at the Al-Vajh – Neom stage, the crews of Dmitry Sotnikov and Andrey Karginov came second and third respectively, losing to the leader Sergey Vyazovich (MAZ, Belarus) 1:46 and 2:07 min.
3. At the third Neom – Neom stage KAMAZ truck led by Andrey Karginov became the leader.
4. At the stage number four Neom – Al-Ula the crew of Anton Shibalov came first, Dmitry Sotnikov’s and Andrey Karginov’s crews were second and third.
5. At the 5th Al-Ula-hail stage Dmitry Sotnikov, Anton Shibalov and Andrey Karginov became leaders. We are so proud!

To date, according to the results of 5 stages, Andrey Karginov takes the leading position with a total time of 20:10:02
Anton Shibalov’s crew takes the 2nd place with a lag of 14:53 minutes.
Dmitry Sotnikov takes the 7th position.

We follow the KAMAZ-master team and wish you success!

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