Designers of the Research and Development Center of KAMAZ PTC created a unique dump truck KAMAZ-6559 intended for quarry mining in autonomous mode.

The vehicle built in cooperation with experts of Bauman University (BMSTU) under the project “Development of the Line of Hybrid Self-Driving Heavy-Duty Dump Trucks for Extractive Industries of the Russian Federation” is a successor of the KAMAZ line of mining dump trucks. The self-driving KAMAZ-6559 named Jupiter 30 is meant for unmanned transportation of broken run of ore or mine. There is no need for people to be present in the dangerous area with heavy vehicles and earth movers operating there. So, the vehicle features no driver’s cab.

“The Jupiter was initially designed as an autonomous vehicle for quarry operations. It was equipped with all necessary devices. It features special dust-, dirt-, water- and vibration-proof video cameras, 2D and 3D lidars, ultrasound sensors, radars. There are also GSM antennae and GPS/GLONASS navigation. Both axles are steerable making the vehicle easily maneuverable,” told Chief Designer of Innovative Vehicles of the Research and Development Center of KAMAZ PTC Sergey Nazarenko.

The 4×4 dump truck features a series hybrid transmission, with bypass accumulators for energy recovering when braking and driving downwards. Besides, for better performance, the dump truck has a shuttle mode of moving. The loaded vehicle runs straight to the delivery point without making a U-turn and then, after it has unloaded with no turns as well, it runs backwards to receive a new load without any maneuvers. All this enables to save fuel, reduce mining truck cycle time and enhance efficiency.

The autonomous vehicle is equipped with a KAMAZ in-line six-cylinder engine 910.12-450 with a capacity of 11.9 l. The engine powers an electric generator that powers a traction electric motor and charges traction batteries. All-wheel drive without a transfer case is provided by two traction electric motors, one per each axle.

The haul truck is 8,769 mm long, 2,709 mm wide, 3,499 mm high. The curb weight of the chassis is 23 tonnes, both axles (front and rear) can carry the same load – up to 25 tonnes each. The vehicle can transport cargo weighing up to 30 tonnes in a fully automatic or remote control mode. The speed of the vehicle is limited to 56 kph.

The dumping platform with a bottom and sides made of special extra-thick steel is used for transportation of ore or overburden grounds. Heated by emissions, the platform is protected from wet freezing ground. The volume of the dumping installation is 21.5 cbm.

“Jupiter 30 is a brand new vehicle and a global premier. This is the first prototype of the new rigid KAMAZ mining trucks of the Jupiter line. The next models will feature higher payload. The company will be developing them for the next several years,” shared Sergey Nazarenko.

The experts of KAMAZ PTC and BMSTU are currently setting all vehicle systems. After field tests at the Research and Development Center of KAMAZ, the dump truck will be handed over to the holding company SDS-Ugol for pioneer operations in the Chernigovets open pit mine, Kemerovo Oblast.

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