The iron casting building of the KAMAZ foundry will be transformed into Iron Casting Production Competence Center. The corresponding order was signed by Zhanna Khaliullina, Deputy General Director of KAMAZ PTC for HR Management, Organizational Development and Corporate Governance.

First of all, changes are expected in the production staff. Besides the existing four production departments, there will be a repair department, a quality assurance group, a design and technology department and several other divisions. According to experts, with many facilities added, there will be no additional recruitment of workers. All changes will be introduced with existing human resources redistributed inside the plant.

The next step is to restructure production processes. If earlier the workshops were formed based on the operations performed, thus cutting off one production stage from another, now the divisions will include the entire technological flow – from burdening to fettling. In this case, the divisions will be separated based on the volume of series production.

This process structure is more rational and efficient. It helps unite different departments, focus on a single result and teamwork. All this is reflected in the goals of the project. In addition, the performance indicators of the project include reduced labor costs for the production of iron castings, a lower cost of sound castings, decreased staff turnover, and increased wages for workers.

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