In the second quarter of this year, the company plans to produce 346 long-haul tractors of the K4 generation and 77 tractors of the K5 generation.

Despite advancements in technology, freight trucks still play the main role in the delivery of goods. The company started production of a line of long-haul tractors using advanced components in 2013. The first freight truck of the new model range, KAMAZ-5490, was brought to the market in the third quarter of 2013.

Today, the most popular models are tractors of the K4 generation – KAMAZ-5490 (4×2), KAMAZ-65209 (6×2), as well as new trucks of the K5 generation – KAMAZ-54901 (4×2) and KAMAZ-65659 (6×2).

“The market of long-haul tractors is the largest segment of the Russian truck market, however, until that moment, KAMAZ had practically no presence in this segment. With the introduction of the KAMAZ-5490 tractor, the situation has changed radically. The company managed to arouse consumer interest in its product and steadily increased its sales volume,” said Sergey Kolesnikov, Director of the Marketing Department of KAMAZ PTC.

The KAMAZ-5490 vehicle was met with great interest by consumers. In subsequent years, based on customer feedback, the automaker made a number of improvements to the design of the vehicle. Thus, in 2017, based on the results of feedback, the KAMAZ-5490 NEO appeared, which incorporated all the changes and improvements applied to the vehicle over the first three years of operation. It features a larger wheelbase, better weight distribution, reinforced front suspension and other improvements in consumer properties.

“It is impossible to imagine cargo transportation without modern long-haul tractors. The development of trade is the growth driver of this market. KAMAZ products are very popular among consumers. In 2015, KAMAZ came out on top in terms of sales in the segment of truck tractors in the Russian market and has been confidently holding the lead ever since,” Sergey Kolesnikov said.

Given the prospects of the business area, the company gradually developed the lineup. After the truck with the index 5490, KAMAZ-65209 appeared. This is a tractor with a rear lifting axle, which has both the advantages of two-axle vehicles, having low fuel consumption, and the advantage of three-axle vehicles: if necessary, it is possible to lower an additional axle and carry much more cargo compared to a conventional tractor.

Actively increasing its presence, already by the end of 2016, KAMAZ took a leading position in the segment of long-haul tractors with a share of 25%.

In 2020, the newest long-haul tractor of the K5 generation, KAMAZ-54901, was introduced to the market, which is a vehicle of a brand-new level. Taking into account the ever-growing requirements for comfort, economy, safety, the company has created a completely new long-haul tractor. Among its advantages are improved ergonomics, large cabin interior space, modern components and assemblies, stylish and modern design. The new cabin with increased volume and height, flat floor, two full-fledged berths provide exceptional comfort for the driver. The desire for efficiency and safety is reflected in the component base. The truck is equipped with a new, economical, six-cylinder in-line KAMAZ engine, the latest automated gearbox and a hypoid rear axle. Feedback from customers showed that the truck is one of the most economical in its class. Also, among the advantages, customers noted the presence of a service contract included in the cost of the truck, a warranty (3 years or 540,000 km) and a buyback.

A year later, developing the K5 line of vehicles, the company offered consumers a KAMAZ-65659 tractor with a 6×2 wheel arrangement. As a result, over the course of several years, the company has launched a number of long-haul tractors, offering carriers the best solutions to choose from, thanks to which the delivery of goods has become more comfortable and efficient. Demand in the market for KAMAZ freight trucks was gradually growing. According to the Marketing Department, at the end of 2021, the company’s share in the segment of long-haul tractors was 31%.

Today, the KAMAZ-5490 remains the most popular long-haul tractor from the product range of the top Russian manufacturer. According to the KAMAZ Trade and Finance Company, its sales in 2021 amounted to 6,010 units, in 2022 – 950 units (as of April 14). The second most popular is KAMAZ-54901, the new flagship of the K5 generation. Sales of this model in 2021 and for 3.5 months of the current year amounted to 1,657 and 605 units, respectively.

In general, in 2021 the company sold 7,994 long-haul tractors of the K4 and K5 generations. In the first months of 2022, sales of long-haul tractors of the new model range amounted to 1,621 units.

According to the Production Management Department of KAMAZ PTC, in the second quarter of this year, the company plans to produce 346 long-haul tractors of the K4 generation and 77 tractors of the K5 generation.

As for the production of KAMAZ-54901 vehicles under the new conditions, at the moment there is a process of localization of imported components, the company has defined a specific action plan. According to the Department of Product Management of KAMAZ PTC, an updated localized tractor will appear by 2023. Today, this truck is a full-fledged replacement for the popular KAMAZ-5490 long-haul tractor.

According to experts, the potential of the market for long-haul tractors is significant due to the growing need for the transportation of various cargoes and the large length of roads, the need to update vehicle fleets, the implementation of national projects, investments in infrastructure and construction. Cargo turnover in the Russian Federation has a long-term growth trend, which ensured the growth of the segment of long-haul tractors in 2021. The growth of e-commerce is also a powerful driver for the development of logistics and trucking companies. Thus, further growth in demand for this type of vehicles is expected.

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