KAMAZ successfully fulfilled another, the fourth in succession contract for delivery of a batch of electric buses to SUE Mosgortrans.

According to the terms of the contract concluded at the beginning of 2021, the company in batches delivered 350 electric KAMAZ-6282 buses to Moscow. As before, the contract stipulates for 15 years of maintenance of the delivered vehicles till November 30, 2036. To add to this, 2021 saw the first supplies of electric buses assembled at the Sokolniki Car Repair and Construction Plant – KAMAZ’s assembly facility in Moscow. The first buses assembled in Moscow started running on the routes already in June, two months after the assembly had been launched.

To date, one thousand electric buses operate in different regions of Moscow, 750 units of them are made by KAMAZ PTC. They serve 67 city routes. Since the start of their operation, they have travelled more than 60 million km in total and carried more than 150 million passengers. The innovative transport enabled to cut the amount of emissions by 600 thousand tonnes in the capital, and, with account of positive experience of operation of the electric buses, Moscow plans to continue purchasing them.

For its part, KAMAZ preliminarily included the production of 450 electric buses in the 2022 Business Plan and plans to participate in a new tender for their delivery to Mosgortrans. Besides, the engineers of the KAMAZ R&D Center do not stop improving customer properties of the electric bus and have already introduced a number of improvements to raise the quality of passenger service and comfort.

Besides, the company developed an articulated model of the electric bus (an accordion). Nowadays, it is undergoing tests in Moscow on Route t34. In case of a successful test drive, the city intends to purchase such a bus for routes with high passenger flow.

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