KAMAZ employees took part in the ASMAP Baltic 2019 exhibition, held in Kaliningrad.

The Association of International Road Carriers (ASMAP) annually holds such meetings and conferences where the largest manufacturers and key participants of the road transportation market participate. This year, the leading Russian truck manufacturer, KAMAZ-65209 truck coupled with the NEFAZ-93341-0600200-08 semi-trailer. During the event the representative of the KAMAZ Trade and Finance Company made a report on the new range of models of KAMAZ vehicles and KAMAZ-65209 truck.

This truck was released to the markets in 2018. The model is unified with the KAMAZ-5490 NEO truck on the component base and is distinguished by the use of a rear axle with automatic control. The main advantage of the vehicles is the possibility of increasing the mass of the transported cargo. Taking into account the addition of an extra lifting axle, the gain in weight of the transported cargo is about 3 tons. At the same time among the advantages of the truck is the possibility of redistributing the load on the lifting axle, which reduces the risk of exceeding the permissible axle loads, as well as reducing tire wear due to the lifting axle and fuel economy due to the absence of a second axle.

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