The new products of KAMAZ – low-tonnage Compass trucks will enter the Russian automotive market as early as January 2022.

This is a completely new model range, which differs significantly from the line of K3, K4 and K5 generation trucks. According to Sergey Nazarenko, Chief Designer for Innovative Vehicles of KAMAZ PTC, the vehicles use components from the company’s Chinese partner – JAC. “In order to develop the truck and put it into production more quickly, and also to reduce risks, primarily investment ones, we decided to go into partnership,” explained Sergey Nazarenko. “The Compass, of course, features elements and nodes that we have developed, but in general, it is a borrowed platform so far. Our task is to localize the main units and parts within the next five to six years to a very high level so that we can rightfully call this vehicle KAMAZ.” However, the truck has already been certified as the KAMAZ brand to be sold through the company’s sales and service centers.

The Compass project starts with two models: the Compass-9 with GVW of 9.5 tonnes and the Compass-12 with GVW of 11.99 tonnes. These are delivery trucks designed to work in the city and suburbs, sometimes used in intercity transportation. Also versions of these trucks can be used for various special superstructures. “In the second half of 2022, we plan to bring to market more compact and lighter Compass-5 models with GVW of 5.5 tonnes and a six-tonne Compass-6 model. They are also very promising, like the ninth and twelfth models. The lightest truck in the new line will be the three-tonne Compass-3. We have already started its development, the prototype of this truck will appear next year, and it will not go into production until the end of 2023,” said Sergey Nazarenko. “We have organized a compact eight-post conveyor production in the delivery building, we assemble two or three trucks every day, but the pace will increase depending on sales”. Several dozen vehicles have already been assembled, some of them have been handed over to manufacturers of special equipment for the construction of installations.

Truck sales will start in the Moscow region, since it is the most capacious region, convenient in receiving feedback and providing spare parts, service, and support. According to Sergey Nazarenko, there are already customers waiting for the shipment of the first batch.

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