November 11, 2019, Moscow – KAMAZ PTC and VimpelCom PTC (Beeline brand) begin to introduce into commercial operation the implemented project – intelligent transport information system (ITIS-KAMAZ). An agreement on cooperation in this direction was signed between a specialized subsidiary of KAMAZ PTC – KAMAZ Innovation center (SKOLKOVO) and the telecommunications operator Beeline.

KAMAZ trucks equipped with on-Board information system (BIS) with access to Beeline multimedia services and integrated with intelligent transport information system (ITIS-KAMAZ) will appear on Russian roads. For KAMAZ vehicles of the new generation K5, remote interaction (remote start of the heater, monitoring of the vehicle systems, etc.) will become possible, which will open up additional opportunities for KAMAZ PTC to create value propositions for its customers and implement new services that increase the efficiency of vehicle operation. In other words, the implemented intelligent systems become a marketplace of additional services of KAMAZ PTC.

On-Board information system (BIS) will allow drivers to follow the planned course, not to get bored on the road or during the rest period, thanks to multimedia capabilities (music, video, radio) and content services Beeline, as well as always stay in touch with colleagues and family, no matter how far they were from home.

Sergey Nazarenko, chief innovative designer of cars of KAMAZ:

«BIS allows to carry out primary diagnostics of the car, to register for maintenance and to be sure of support of the dispatcher in case of emergency situations. ITIS-KAMAZ will optimize logistics processes and improve workflow control».

He also noted that the SYSTEM is integrated with the satellite monitoring system of transport ITIS-KAMAZ, which allows to increase the efficiency of the fleet by 20%. This is possible by reducing fuel costs, controlling the quality of driving, assessing the parameters of vehicles, as well as by optimizing logistics, including the use of fast ways to exchange information between the logistician and the driver online.

The partners plan to continue cooperation on the development of ITIS-KAMAZ and BIS. For drivers, this will open up a number of new opportunities not previously available in trucks, including access to content services and Wi-Fi in the workplace through a specialized portal Connected Car Beeline. This is the first element of the Beeline Connected Car concept.

Alexander Khomutinnikov, head of M2M/IOT Department VimpelCom:

«The joint project with KAMAZ allows us to speak about the leadership of Beeline in the Connected Car industry among operators and integrators in Russia. KAMAZ decided to use the development of our company in creating a unique product for its customers. With the direct participation of Beeline by the end of 2020, about 80 000 thousand new Connected cars will be released to the Russian market».

Within the framework of the Connected Car concept, a number of solutions are being developed for vehicles connected by the vehicle-to-everything model. This involves the creation of a wireless network with all possible communication systems of the car. The introduction of technology will allow cars not only to exchange information with other vehicles, infrastructure and other mobile devices, but also to be in constant contact with the ecosystem of auxiliary services of the automaker. For such connected cars, Beeline will provide high-quality multidisciplinary communication throughout Russia, taking into account the requirements of individual telematics and media services of the car.

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