The four-axle AWD dump truck of the latest K5 generation was presented at the 26th International specialized exhibition of equipment and technologies for the oil and gas industry “Surgut. Oil and Gas-2021″, which took place in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra.

The “Surgut. Oil and Gas” exhibition is a platform where the latest developments of Russian and foreign companies in oil and gas production, transportation and processing are demonstrated. More than 120 companies representing 50 regions of Russia and foreign countries take part in the exhibition every year. This year, in three days, more than seven thousand guests and participants visited the site.

In addition to the business part of the program, where experts and participants discussed the most pressing issues of the industry, the presented samples of machinery and equipment for the oil and gas industry aroused particular interest. In its exposition, R&D Center Evrika Trade, the official dealer of KAMAZ in Tyumen Oblast, presented an all-wheel drive four-axle dump truck of the latest generation K5 – the KAMAZ-65953 designed for off-road operation and ideal for use in oil and gas production.

KAMAZ was the first to use automated transmissions on such dump trucks. Now, the driver controls the heavy vehicle more easily. The more spacious K5 cab reduces the driver’s fatigue noticeably. So, labor productivity should increase.

The 20-cbm body of the dump truck is made of wear-resistant steel. It can withstand abrasives for a long time. The heating resists soil adhesion.

The truck features a reinforced frame and drive axles with a carrying capacity of up to 32 tonnes, a metal bumper for protection, as well as a metal mesh on the headlights and radiator. The cab of the vehicle is 2,300 mm wide, without a berth, which is, though, optional.

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