The KAMAZ-65805 dump truck, named Atlant, is undergoing test runs as part of preliminary testing.

The first sample of a dump truck of the KAMAZ-65805 quarry class has a load capacity of 60 tons. The dump truck is made in a rock version for transporting rocks. The truck is equipped with a 12-liter KAMAZ-910.11 500 HP engine and an Allison hydro-mechanical automatic gearbox, which ensures smooth gear shifting without interrupting the power flow.

“Atlant was developed in the category of Autonomous Ready, so it is ready to become a robot after being equipped with the necessary sensors. The engine, gearbox, brake system, and steering are all designed to be controlled by electronic signals. The second prototype of this truck will already be made in the form of a robot truck,” said Sergey Nazarenko, the Chief Designer of Innovative Vehicles at the R&D of KAMAZ PTC.

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