Developing a line of K5-gen KAMAZ trucks, experts of the company’s R&D Center assembled two prototypes of KAMAZ-53251 medium-duty tractor units.

The trucks are descendants of the K4 generation vehicles. The first specimens of K5 medium-duty trucks are chassis to mount superstructures for retail and communal services. What differs the new models from their predecessor – the KAMAZ-5325 (K4 generation) – is a chassis weight reduced by almost 200 kg and hence an increased carrying capacity.

The trial models also differ against each other, mainly in weight characteristics. Thus, the curb weight of the vehicle intended for communal superstructures is 6,250 kg. The GVWR is 19 tonnes. The retail chassis has a curb weight of 6,550 kg. The GVWR of the truck is 18 tonnes. The GCWR is 28 tonnes.

Under the hood, both vehicles have a Euro 5 Cummins ISB6.7E5 310 diesel engine. The automated ZF9AS1310TO transmission is nine-speed. The cabin is all-metal, with an engine tunnel 170 mm high, on a four-point suspension. A one-sleeper cabin is available in the retail-version of the truck.

“When developing these vehicles, we gave priority to reducing the curb weight. At the same time, in no case should the ruggedness, reliability, cost price of the vehicle be compromised. And we managed to cope with this task. The KAMAZ-53251 chassis is lighter than the chassis of the K4 generation,” said Igor Valeev, Deputy Chief Designer of Automobiles.

The assembled specimens will soon undergo development tests to calibrate all electronic systems – a gearbox, an engine, a vehicle control unit. In a related move, the R&D specialists are preparing documentation for the KAMAZ-53252 vehicle compliant with the Euro 6 emission standards. A number of technical solutions will be employed here to make this chassis the most comfortable and efficient in its segment.

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